WTB clean thc distillate in michigan


Legal mmmp caregiver and hard card holder. I’m looking for clean distillate.

Please dm.



Start making your own You can do iT !!!


I’m inbetween runs and almost out of distillate for my patients. I’m T-2 weeks at most until I fire up and christen the spd.


still looking


just make your own already!!! i thought i moved like snail. Its like your frozen in MI…Just joking homie! Just waiting to see you run!


I’m still 7+ days away. I have orders of 200 carts and nothing on hand atm. And my personal stash is getting down to the last 2g.

And I’m nervous to make my 1st spd run. I dont like failingnor butchering up product.


Hope someone gets you covered. I’ll be watching your SPD startup like a hawk


Distillate shortage in Michigan I’m hearing


I have live resin carts



Not after I do this run! I have 5 more units on deck to wash, rotovap,
Purge/decarb, then run as well
I’m just looking for bulk distillate. No Terps, mct or dilutant added to make it thinned out!


I’m also looking for the same in Michigan. Hope you find something!


I hate to see ppl in need…cat3 raw available if u still need clean meds