WTB: childproof plastic container for drink powder

Hi guys, anyone recognize this plastic container? It’s 3.75” diameter and 3.875” tall and says ‘Pete’ on the bottom of it.

We have 27kg of water soluble powder in stock we produced for a wholesale order the customer backed out of and looking to try to turn it into cash by creating a retail product like shown in the picture, just would combine a flavored powder with it (we have a powder mixer).


“Pete” is one glyph used to indicate Polyethylene terephthalate.

See eg: Let them eat PET!


There are so many childproof containers like this. Are you only wanting this one?

Reach out sales@packagemybuds.com they have never not been able to find me what I wanted. :wink:


If it’s not made by Pete….

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Are you in a market that will accept such “edibles”?

Pretty sure you would need a much smaller container in the OR market, where you could provide ten 10mg scoops, rather than thirty 30mg (or ninety 10mg) scoops.

I would assume you are in such a market, otherwise said customer has truly left you hanging…