WTB: Centrifuge - 20 l or larger in the NW


looking for a biomass centrifuge that can run 25 kilos or more. Do not need a whole system, just a big centrifuge. Well, medium. Under a ton in weight would be good.


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@Photon_noir or @cyclopath might know someone who can help out.

Have you checked with @highzenbear on Instagram or here? Also, old stainless explosion proof Bock or NSep fuge would work.

nice webpage they have! We have been searching. Most of what is in our price range is chinese, whihc makes me a bit sad. Not as sad as I am not having one tho :slight_smile:

I am thinking about getting my welder to mount a c1d2 motor onto some steel buckets. All electrical would be rated already.

the cost for a centrifuge to spin out biomass seems just crazy to me. It’s a giant salad spinner with an explosion proof motor.

I feel like for the cost of some of these I could build a spaceship, with a built-in centrifuge.


Someday someone’s gonna build us simple ppl a cheap ethanol centrifuge. Probably the chinese

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Start with a panda. Fix it.

Won’t be as high thoughput as my centrifuge in a spaceship, but it can be done for under $5k I’m sure.

Probably <$2k if you know what you’re doing and aren’t paying retail on the parts

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…you can only get about 30lb in a $15K used BOCK

if you’re looking for twice that, you’re looking at a BIG fuge.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/BOCK-CENTRIFUGAL-LAB-EXTRACTOR-L-8881-/302961172902 is not explosion proof, and will only hold about 10lb.

https://www.fraingroup.com/products/bock-centrifuges-805tx/ should hold ~30lb.

understand that these are not floodable

I think we found a used bock in nice condition for $2000 ish. Need to find a new bucket but it is exceptionally clean, especially for that price.

I know none of these are flood able, and will most likely get an explosion proof motor to put on it. Can do 30 kilos total in a run.

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Bet you can’t fit more than 35lb in it.

It might be rated for 130lb dry, but cannabis is fluffy.

If you don’t want to pay the :moneybag: get a Chinese manufacturer to make you one on the cheap.

If you don’t want Chinese made what’s stopping you from just finding a machinest/welder and having your design built?

Ive had a custom fuge built ran about $35k. He no longer is doing that because he made no $$$ most of that was welding and custom fabrication fees, material costs, and peer review approval. At the end of the day he probably made $20/hr considering the insane amount of time he had to spend on solid works and digging through all the local fire code. For example the main shaft for the motor to withstand cryo temps had to have fancy seals and flanges that little fucker cost 7k to be machined

Yeah the Deltas and Ace Spinners seem $$$ but they are peer reviewed plug and play units that have been tested and validated in our industry. I’m not sure if you’ve ever worked with a Professional Engineer but man they are not cheap, neither is quality steel, nor the welders, or the equipment and tools.


of course i realize all that. I just have no choice as I dont have the funds. We are fighting to get to break even and this tool is needed to do that.

We are on the hunt. I may end up with a chinese machine. Also might be a used Bock.

What I do know is I’m not using a Panda. When I looked at it that definitely seemed like a bad idea.


A cheap Chinese roto any day over a panda. Whats your budget and desired size?

5-10k, chinese mot likely but we have some resources for sourcing used equipment.

like to be ables to spin down 35-50 lb wet material per cycle

multiple runs are better than tearing out walls :rofl:

I have been looking at the Chinese centrifuges but I have not seen any explosion-proof does anyone have any links?

Discount Centrifuges or WVO Designs

These are new and last time I spoke with Discount centrifuges they had a few in stock. They may not have anymore as they are moving away from fuges. WVO says they have some in stock. Both options are non flooding centrifuges. .

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Sometimes you have to request explosion proof via email. Make sure that you get the motor part number and manufacturer so you can verify that it’s explosion proof.

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this is true, we have been talking with the manufactureres. You can also just switcn the motor on something you are getting used

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