WTB 400 lbs of hemp bud


Looking for 400 pounds of trimmed hemp buds , was told to pay between 200 & 225 per pound,

Is this a good price ?
I’m located in southern Oregon
Please contact me with any helpful info .
Thank you in advance !


Trimmed or shucked? We have shucked. See pic. We are asking $72 a pound for 17%. Trimmed requires a lot of labor if you want it to look like cannabis. Usually a person can trim a pound per day. So $200-225 probably close assuming $100 in labor.


That’s a ripoff price at this point in the market.

Wholesale pounds are going over $5-600 for :fire::fire: hand trimmed. And thats on the low end.

You can get lower quality machine trimmed for like 300-ish.

Pictured above is biomass not flower.


Sorry. Correct, shucked biomass (bud/flower and leaf mass), not flower.


Depends on quality. we have hemp ranging from $200-$400 a lbs. Pic below is of product that is $350 a lbs