Would you call this compliant?


I have heard from several people that the feds don’t take into account THC-A and only take Delta 9 into account. So I have a little bit of this hemp flower that I think is more of a smokeable hemp, but I don’t want to start selling it unless I get some more info. What do you guys think

Wife - Trimmed Bud.pdf (157.1 KB)


I am also curious on this!!


The hemp we sell in our prerolls, is high in THC-A and low in Delta 9. Have not had any issues.


For sure. I’m hearing different things from multiple people. Maybe @Future would know?


Its on a state by state basis


Seems like it’s a cop to cop basis. Technically farm bill defines the THC content as post decarbed amount of D9. But we have been selling technically hot hemp, shipping it with COAs and telling the carrier what’s inside, without issue…