Would this work as an ethanol extractor?

Would this beer fermenter with a centrifuge on top work as an ethanol extractor?

Well looks good
What speed rpm is the fuge ?

Where does iT open ?

It might work as a holding tank, not sure you would need the agaitator though.

I’ve moved on to 14gal beer brewing pots for my mixing. The 3gal stock pots sucked and the tall brew pots make less mess with a port on bottom to drain instead of trying to pour out a full pot of ethanol

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If you mean using the fermenter to do the extraction in and then transfer to a fuge (which is what it looks like) I’d say that without being able to open it to put your bags in, like the ones in the back, you’re going to have issues. It depends a lot on what your batch sizes are.

I was just moving onto 2 x 10gal brew pots with ports (and soon after 3) with a 5 or 6 gal for a 2nd wash. I would love to also solve the centrifuge problem that would pass any future regulations w/o spending 80k+ for some extraction solution.

I had that cross post about New Holland Spin Driers which looks like it’s 90% of the way there, but has a couple problems.

PS. I was also looking at these, as they would fit under my lab hood setup with is my current requirement for bucket tek


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It sure would make one hell of a pot of soup!

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Not sure how a centrifuge on top would be helpful.

If you’re combining the biomass and solvent in the tank, rather than the fuge (which is where I believe it makes the most sense) then you have to get the solvent laden biomass into the fuge.

Moving the biomass DOWN makes more sense than UP for that maneuver. So a centrifuge below that beer tank seems like a better approach.

You could probably make a decent recovery still out of that tank in front. The agitator would be useful in that case. Especially if pulling vac.

The tank behind it could recieve your recovered solvent. The third taller one could be pressed into service as your cold solvent tank.

I also know a guy who could get you a fuge to go with that setup… :wink:

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This fuge might work better, although it only does 20G

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Let me guess get inside open the window with a holed bucket filled with biomass and call yourself Mary

Cut the top off that thing and flange it.
Fab a hemi head top with an overdriven basket.
Use a shop crane to pick up the head to load and unload the basket.
Voila, a jacketed, floodable, overdriven centrifuge…
WWHD? (What Would a Hillbilly Do?)