Working on software for hash makers and looking for feedback

Hey everyone, wanted to start off by saying how thankful we are for all of the information sharing and education that goes down in these threads. Much of this tech exchange was the inspiration behind starting this and developing our passion for all things hash/data.

We’re working on a software solution for hash makers to track batch data throughout the process – built specifically for solventless. We’ve been in beta for a while now and have about ~200 home users/hash makers, but we’re looking to get some feedback from power users who are serious about data collection in bigger lab environments.

Desktop app is the next big launch for us, followed by our first connected devices.

If this sounds interesting to you and you’re also a data nerd, would love to connect and get some feedback/learn what we can do to make this more valuable. Would also love to learn what your existing software tools look like and how it integrates with your lab equipment.


Show plz

Like a project management/ erp solution?

Odoo/WordPress/Distru/Metrc are the most I mess with

Exactly, an ERP that hopefully isn’t shitty and painful to use. Would love to connect and get your thoughts.

Can check it out here:

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As long as you make it third party friendly to the major erp platforms I think you’ll gain audience/opportunity.
I am about to be at my desk working on some projects. I’ll take a gander.

Plugins for Zapier / Odoo / Wp Erp / And big money ERP SAAS companies platforms would aid this I bet.
If Distru opened up to third party modules you’d be in good opportunities as well. Hell a WordPress plugin standalone so they can see their hash stats in their website admin would be a great addition.

Looking forward to the firmware to software iot work.
Great design for the site btw

I love making custom erps. Inspiring project. Wish you the best.

you lost me at …


Yeah, I don’t know why you would limit your market.

Will there be a self hosted version?

Not everyone wants or can, interact with the cloud.

Thanks for the feedback guys. We’re a very small team, so we wanted to focus on one area/validate the concept before expanding into monitoring for hydrocarbon extraction // cultivation.

Would love to learn some more from you guys about what current connected hydrocarbon solutions there are and how we can optimize some of our platform for that once we have the resources.

Thanks for the feedback – yeah goal for us to serve as the primary connection point for all major hardware and integrate with existing supply chain. Down the road once we learn more think we could blend some of those steps together, but for now we are focused just on the data recording/analytics and reporting outward

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Interesting idea, I think we need to pursue this too but need to spend more time thinking about how it would work… think it’s more realistic when we focus on ios/desktop apps

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It shouldn’t matter where your software lives. Your app just has an IP address or socket address. It’s here there everywhere. If you have a backend that an android app connects to and stores all user data , that could easily be run locally if you made the app available.

I’d guess there will be push back on making your service run locally because then people won’t need to pay for your service (proxying data through the cloud). That is unless you have a different source of income in mind.

Our code will need to be adapted to run locally, but we do plan on releasing that in the future. One issue is that if users opt-in to share anonymized data for better predictions/insights, it would be difficult for an offline device to get access to that.

Lots of people can’t or don’t want to have an internet connection in their lab.

You could sell an appliance that hosts a local version of the service, or allow people to install a local version a laptop or whatever.

I think the easiest solution for an offline version is simply allow it to save .csv / excel files and when able to upload Month/Day/Year.CSV you can sync.

I think the Other categories definitely hold extreme value and have some test solutions for different areas internally.

Needing a special piece of hardware seems dead in the water to me but I’m not the customer for this product. Any computer should be able to run the software for it to be practical.

There’s no reason whatever the backend of their system is can’t be deployed locally. It’s just configuration. They may bake the server address into their compiled android code.

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What language is the backend written in? The front end is specific to android?

Why won’t an off the shelf ticketing system work better than a cannabis specific one? Why should a large company use your app vs service now ?

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I am interested as we are getting our solvent process put into place in NY - we were awarded a manufacturing license

I can 100% understand why they wouldn’t want to. Customer service, Protecting their code, Establishing convenience at a price, using customer data to benefit it’s paid membership users.

The customer service of helping customers maintain their own local servers isn’t financially responsible.

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Right now we’re 100% focused on helping hash makers make better hash – there probably isn’t much incentive for larger companies to use us over an existing off-the-shelf ERP unless they’re losing time using it or unable to track the data that they want to track. Soon we’ll be updating to incorporate metrc IDs and integrate with their API, but for now this is really just a tool to help you optimize your hashing process and not lose time/data through excel/paper notes

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I was speaking to it technically

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