Wiped Film vs Short Path

are we still discussing Short Path?


7-11 years for phase i-iiii trials. We are not talking having to do saftey, just jumping right to efficacy. 2 years max.

Getting pure cbd and cbg from hemp is much easier due to ease of crystalization. Both are good synth starting points. The debate is price…

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Does the CBG co-crystallize w/the cannabidiol?

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A good friend of mine was a chemist at Bayer Pharmaceutical for a while. He said they were super stingy with columns and media and would often not approve enough consumables, or exactly the right amount with zero extra, for him to complete the projects assigned to him. Big pharma counts every penny and expenditure. In contrast, because we deal with a high value product (but falling price) cannabis labs can be very wasteful and excessive with their media and consumables.

Is it possible to make delta 8 using only a wiped film? Or would you need a short path to first cause isomerization of d9 into d8 then place into wiped film?

You dont need either just use a hot plate



no hot plate…

heat. might mention a hot plate


I mean, if I had a bunch of isolate laying around I could make half of it d9 rather quick and then I could recrash the isolate and repeat. Noted, @cyclopath

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Yeah using a hot plate doesn’t seem efficient. My question is can you use a wiped film to process d8 and get good results? Or is using a short path better

O man :frowning: all you need is heat your not going to be able to seperate the cannabinoids via disillation so why would you disill the material at all?


You are confusing two different things here. It is the application of heat and acids to the THC that converts it to delta-8. That could be done on a hot plate, in an oven, a reactor, during distillation, whatever. Distillation is only for the purpose of purifying the oil, just like with delta-9. To get D8 distillate with a wiped film, do the conversion in whatever vessel you wish, then distill as a second step. People only combine the conversion and distillation steps in SPD because it is convenient in that particular process but the two have nothing to do with each other. One could distill without conversion, or convert without distillation.


Boom. Theres your correct answer for the WFE crowd.


I like your take and agree whole heartedly. What do you think will be the catalyst/ change in process?

I was recently reading about a couple groups that are looking to isolate the cells responsible for cannabinoid production for the purpose of multiplying them in a bioreactor and producing specific cannabinoids.

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Excellent explanation

side note: GinkoBioworks had a “custom ordering” user interface on their website in their start-up days when they promoted the vision of an ordering interface that could be succesfully navigated by novice level scientists. (this custom order interface seems to have been taken down now) I was a beta tester for the interface, and obtaining cannabinoids was my goal (woulda been cool if they actually let e order the design)

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Evaporation is a process where liquid can changes its state into gas. There is lot of factors can affect evaporation process like surface area, density and temperature of substance.

Distillation is method used to separate compounds from that mixture. This process based upon boiling points of components of mixtures that are separated.

So that, evaporation does happen within the process of distillation.

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This was s 10 lt system.