Wiped Film Parameters



Just noticed you have a link lol


It is very expensive, there aren’t a lot of options out there for high heat or deep cold.


What would u use @Soxhlet you seem to be in the loop on a lot of things


For the heat exchange fluid your will need a good fluid unfortunately there is no cheap way of filling your system up. When I first started i used acetone in my endocal -85c chillers. Nitrogen was injected into the top cover to keep atmospheric moisture out and prevent a fire. Eventually I bit the bullet and got syltherm xlt. The heat transfer with this fluid is far superior.
I’ll tell you what! There’s nothing like flowing flammable acetone through the jackets of butane tanks! Live life on the edge!


Lmfao your nuts!!! I’ll just listen to the pros and get that stuff thanks bro


Is there a direct link to it? Not even sure what I’m looking at when I hit the other one



This is another company


Thanks brother!



CTS has a new thermal transfer fluid that will encompass the temp ranges of Syltherm as well as Marlotherm SH, is food grade, and comparably priced to the Marlotherm. I think they’re branding it as CTStherm for now. I haven’t run it yet.


I tried doing some Googlin’ and came up empty. Got a link?


That’s a lot of CBG, are you sure it is a correct quantification?

Thread for dummies

I have no reason to doubt it. Iron is pretty reputable.


This Swagelok attachement you speak of, can you elaborate? *PS Bucky as in Buckminster Fuler?


So it seems everyone in here is like a real chemist/scientist/genius. Besides me or corse. lol it possible you guys can dumb it down for the little guys like me?? Just for a short period of time lol I’m mean fuck the “papers” are killing me I just need some simple directions on how to use my wfe

Temps, what to use to fill the chillers/jesting circulators, what vac should be at. There’s a lot of consultants on here not sure who to call for help everyone seems almost out of budget for us. I’m willing to give back forsure just need help what ever I can do I will do but need some help. I’m just a regular guy with a family living in a trailer on a few acres with some decent equipment and a shit ton of kief. Just can’t have someone show up and help us out due to the fact this is all my family has and can’t jepordize it but let’s work soenthing out we need help bad!!!


Nobody got where they were without experimentation, get your operation going and learn what works for you. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat out there, pick a path and follow it. Equipment manufactures will provide you with starting perameters for your machines. It’s up to you and the scientific method. Collect data, and form experiments from them you can make conclusions. Research papers you can glean information from are gold, don’t overlook them.I wish I could say there is a magic bullet , this industry is very complicated. Beyond all this lab stuff, there is an often unconsidered buisness side. Take it from my old friend Iven “production is no problem, just distribution”(heavy Russian accent)…


Hate to be a pessimist but if it’s that big of a financial risk it’s better to sell all your equipment and get a regular job. I know what I’m doing in the lab, but I personally would never risk investing all my own money in a lab. People do it with success, but the profit is usually much much less than what most people estimate on pen and paper. I work for startups and only take paychecks or cash, no equity. I do a little R&D on the side with my own money. But for me I need the financial security first. Maybe partner up with a successful extractor in your area (who isn’t a sociopath).


The risk is my family and having an unknown person show up to help guide us threw the process. The budget is eating away at us every day on other things. Its going to cost me money and time to vet the one person I can half way trust and who will let me blind fold and bring to my family camp… and I can’t afford 5k a day for the one and only to help us. I’ve been working with cannabis for 13years as my ONLY source of income. Grew for 10years and realized I’m waiting to long to get paid when I can process and get paid next week. I’ve been running kief and hash for longer then I can even remember. Slabs wax and edibles last 5 years. So to sell all my equipment and get a job is not even a thought in my process. I’m willing to take a risk with my money not others peoples money like U would only do. I have faith bealief and a set of brass balls. Maybe you should grow a pair! I’m on here trying to learn and help at the same time. Not be a jerkoff. I constantly tell people to get on this outlet. It’s great for everyone, “ even the little guys” like me. This is a site for #peoplehelpingpeople!!! I don’t have experience in this area of the lab sounds like your one of the “geniuses” I mentioned. We have 5 acres zoned resource land paid in full and just got the ok to grow hemp in my county unfortunately they don’t allow kush and ogs yet but when they do I plan on being the pro out here with a little help form people who want to help people.


Realistically, I would say you probably shouldn’t be looking for advise on a forum for illegal activities of that scale. You’re looking at prison time for a looong time. It’s doubtful any consultant is willing to get blindfolded and be an accessory to a production scale like that anyway.


I am sure you can find reputable, verified consultants who wouldn’t mind doing something over the internet or phone with you for a substantially lower cost than the on site visit. An hour or two on the phone with @Photon_noir or @Future and you will be a happy camper, guaranteed. Same goes to anyone who got this far in this thread and still needs a little assistance.