wiped film evaporator

When I distill in my pope after deterping in my spd. I get about a 50/50 split off of subzero extracted alcohol crude. My distillate is solid but not as hard as the “waste” the waste is super hard like caramel?

I see a question mark.
I don’t see a question.

the viscosity is not the important part.
what matters are your relative potencies.
you want them on your crude, your distillate, and your discard (which is ~30% THC at a guess).

assuming you don’t have In House analytics you’ll need to ask a stranger (3rd party lab).

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Question is the waste is harder than my actual distillate. Does that mean my waste still has a lot of the in it or that doesn’t matter

there is no way of telling what the potency of your waste is without testing the potency of your waste.

just like there is no way of knowing the potency of an extract based on its color.

but you can make educated guesses…

it this case, if one assumes you started with 2kg crude at 65% cannabinoids, and ended up with 1kg at 85% cannabinoids, you can safely assume you’ve got plenty of cannabinoids left in your “waste”.

1300mg THC start (2000g x 0.65)
850mg THC in “product” (1000g x 0.85)
suggests 450mg THC in “waste” (so 45%! THC)

which is why I hypothesised ~30% in your waste without working the math.

get it tested!
or do a bioassay.

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Anyway to get the thc out of the “waste”?

yes. ask the pope to go again


Just wanted to hear educated guesses. Thanks

Paying for a Pope, then asking others to guess how it’s working based on output viscosity, seems like the wrong way of going about things to me.

you should become familiar with the math
and find a stranger** you can trust to pay for real potencies.
until such time as you can generate them yourself.

assuming the guesses above are close, a $5k SRI 420 GC could pay for itself by recommending you reprocess ~5kg of your waste…

just my $0.05 worth

** you should actually make a point of getting to know the lead chemist at your chosen 3rd party lab imo.

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It’s not uncommon to recirculate your waste more than once through the pope - each time you do so will allow for more “good stuff” to come out although it will be harder because you will continue to increase the % of unwanted crap in the reject vessel. You may want to increase your outside jacket and inside condenser temps a bit - play around with it! -my 2 cents.