Winterizing rosin

I want to make carts. I have pressed a bunch of rosin. If I winterize it, will it have a lower viscosity and flow and wick in carts since the fat is gone?

No it should get more stable…

If u decarb it, then it will thin some…a cutting agent like terps could be added once winterized, and decarbed


I tried cutting with terps and decarbing and it still doesn’t flow/wick correctly, was hoping winterizing would make it work better


Winterization first, that way everything plays nice together

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So if I winterize first, it is possible to make usable vape carts?

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Theres an SOP to make distillate like rosin. Diet_funk on IG shares this open source tech. This is how the jungle boyz make this type of rosin. They press dry sift through a 25 micron rosin bag then decarb it in a vac with the lid on. It makes rosin like this


I’d listen to @Kingofthekush420

Hes consultant for reason…

But for what you asked… winterize removes fats and such that way cutting terp can mix properly


Doesnt dry sifting remove fats and lipids? Maybe thats how theyre doing it. I bet the 25 micron bag has something to with it


I have a jar of some dewaxed nugs that were placed in a jar @125~ and it ended up decarbing and is very liquid-y, 10%+ terpenes still, too. I am going to package it up in dab darts and people can use it for edibles, too.

Interesting to know that’s how they get it to make rosin carts, much appreciated.


Could I make distillate that can be put directly to carts on a hobby scale (500g of flower +trim) per run? If so, what is the path?


I can’t :joy::rofl:


So is it possible to winterize rosin pressed from already cured nugs to improve the color and quality closer to that of a dry sift press?