Winterizing large volume



Ok so i am getting ready to leave on a cbd adventure in the US
I Will learn to work a thar ( at least try)
Questions i have ;
Whats the best method to winterize large volumes ?
Best filtration method for such large quantitys ?
There is. Equipment on the ground of the tolling facility but just want to know your experiances
Extracting 1200 lbs a day hemp biomass


have some safe travels here brotha. Hope you enjoy your stay! Good luck man.


I’d look into a bottom discharge centrifuge with a scraper.

I’ll also come look at the Thar any time you like.


Had hoped You say that so once there ( new york ) i let You know


damn rogue…on the east coast too. wish it wasnt so cold…my whole family lives there…id pop on a plane in a sec.