Winterized crude for sale

I bought two ethos 6 and am starting to sell winterized crude. Let me know if anyone is interested. Have a blessed day!

I am really tired of ads w/0 geolocation info.

You do USPS?


Where are you located?

I am legally liscensed in WA state.


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Yea, I cant type

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@Future shouldn’t this be a verified slanger thing?


We’re in the process of having a licensed facility. Our palm springs location will be up and running feb 1st if all inspections go well.

Not licensed yet. Will be feb 1st if all inspections go well.

So in the meantime your slangin’ unlicensed black market winterized crude. Good to know :sunglasses:
What’s the average output you get on that enthos? (Lbs per hour?)

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140lbs In a 10hrs shift per machine

Wow! I wish I knew how to sell that much oil. Would be hard in this regulated market.

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