Winterization with kitchentech

Hello! I was curious which solvents are best for winterizing darker/goopy BHO. I’ve been using everclear but have heard that some people use heptane? I don’t have any equipment. Just Mason jars, coffee filters, and a freezer. Any information would be greatly appreciated ! :v:

You have the tools required for winterizing your BHO.

  1. 10:1 BHO to EtOH (everclear)
  2. freezer over night
  3. filter through coffee filter
  4. evaporate solvent.

winterizing will do very little to nothing about the color.

ethanol is harder to remove completely than butane.


If I wanted to put it in carts would I purge the ethanol and mix with PG? What’s the ratio of bho to PG?

Try searching on “cart” and “diluent”.

Yes, you probably want the liquor gone before you huff that stuff. Although it depends on the effect you’re after to some degree…


Try mct oil vs pg or vg

The best solvent for dark and goopy to winterize with is isopropyl alcohol in my own lab. Methanol works great too but isopropyl alcohol will tend to swell the chlorophyll too plus among alcohols it is unique insofar as if there is any DNA goop that got extracted then isopropyl alcohol will not disolve it and it too can be filtered. All other alcohols will dissolve DNA goop and carry it into the compound if it is present. I have a suspicion that a lot of what is termed “gums” and “waxes” contains a lot of DNA strands unseen. My theory is that if DNA will not disolve in isopropyl alcohol that likely other similar and unwanted gunk won’t either. It is an unknown to me.

For dewaxing a non polar solvent is not a good choice. I base that judgment on this time lapse and photo slide show video. The time lapse was many hours. The last photos are many days.