Winterization question

I did the bucket tek… I put my bucket of bio washed/strained etoh in the cryo fridge overnight… that was 4 days ago… it’s crashed … is there a point of too long? I’m gonna start filtering and I figured I better ask first…

You should be totally fine!


Kinda figured so… was worried some of the good stuff might have dropped

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Crasching as all fats sunk to the botom ?
If so You are fine and the best part whatever You filter now has a lot less fat in iT so clogging happens less often
If Any You can take all the fats dillute with etho and freeze again pour off etho to be sure😀


Probably the longer the better


FYI - Only take out of the freeze what you are filtering right away otherwise the fats and waxes will redissolve. Or have a large cooler with dry ice to keep it on by your filter. You should never pull all your tincture out of the freezer and let it sit as you filter.


Yeah I know…I only pull about a gallon at a time… i can filter that prettt fast…it is headed for spd so I don’t want any fat streaks… I learned that already… I just haven’t left anything sit that long before…