Winterization plus Dewaxing: not necessary?

Might winterization be unnecessary, if in-line filtration sufficiently dewaxes solvent?

If filtration alone would suffice, what filter sizes would best address unwanted material?

Thank you for considerations!

What end product are you going for?

When you say “in-line dewaxing” do you mean cold solvent cold material tube? Or do you do a winterization with butane after your solvent passes through material tube?

When I run cold solvent through a cold material tube (to make shatter, sugar, etc) I get amazing product… BUT if I want to turn it into distilate, when I winterize it properly (alcohol, freezer, etc) I still get a TON of waxes.

Is this what you’re asking?


With a goal of crude oil, which can be latter refined into distillate, chilled ethanol will be used.

It seems, with suitable filtration, there won’t be a significant amount of waxes left in solvent.

Curious of with experience using both: redundant, if either serves to remove unwanted materials?

Thanks for insights.

That is currently how I roll. -78 on the etho. Then into the flask

In my experience, if you’re using cold ethonal as a solvent, winterization isn’t necessary. We only do filtrations to remove particulates, and then do a second carbon/DE filtration.


Thank you very much for your thoughts.
Working on developing an efficient system, this forum will undoubtedly help thanks to members like you!

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So if I am gonna blast and refine to distillate then I’m gonna winterize and rotovap… I have a dewax column but if I’m gonna winterize should I just use my dewaxing jacket to bake the column with hot water to try n get a better yeild? it would be a pain to dump the ice out of the dewax sleeve to fill with hot water. But I don’t wanna pick up a bunch of chlrophyl… using 60 30 10 mix… is baking worth not dewaxing if gonna winterize anyway?

Just run extra solvent. Don’t heat it up . Might as well run it warm the whole time if you want to heat it up at the end


Run the solvent at room temp if your just making crude. Bake the column after the extraction is done to scavange any butane vapor.
Then just winterize with etoh like normal.


does extracting at that temp pull as much percentage,?

Honestly, I have never done a non-cryo extraction, so I can’t really compare. I can tell you I am averaging about 12% on my first pass distillate by weight, with potency coming in above 85% thc pretty consistently.

what type vessel did you acquire that deals with those temps, im trying to find used jacketed vessel wondering if needs to be of certain caliber. what threshold necessity?

You will laugh…I just use stainless steel pots made for homebrewing


all depends on what extraction method you used