Will semisynthetic and synthetic cannabinoids be prohibited in future?

I haven’t been able to find any solid info, but I heard a rumor that a federal agency (I forget which) is going to step in and prohibit semisynthetic conversions of cannabinoids. I am quite sure the state of Oregon also made it clear these are legally grey areas so to speak.

To me it’s pretty stupid for a few reasons, but also expected. Mainly because both decarboxylation and degradation to CBN at least are totally naturally occurring.

I guess I can see why they’d want to limit conversions, I’d assume besides completely new different manufacturing risks, theres also lot of potential for unwanted potentially dangerous synthetic byproducts and impurities that could be very difficult to regulate.

@Kingofthekush420 has mentioned to me that any hemp derived cannabinoid besides delta 9 is protected under the farm act, but I have to admit I am a bit skeptical, especially as many of these directly conflict with the Analogue Act.

Thoughts?? Anyone have more info?


Joe rogan had a “journalist” on his podcast promoting his book talking this. According to him China is making some dangerous stuff…

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The wording in the farm bills talks about isomers and hemp derived cannabinoids

The CSA specifically talks about MJ so hemp doesnt apply

Not sure how the analogue act would work

If you read above it says that if the cannabinoid comes from a part of the MJ plant not included in the CSA( hemp isnt MJ anymore!) Then it’s not bound to the CSA

The drug codes that make delta 9 and it isomers illegal is drug code 7370, which is in the CSA

The analogue act is actually in the CSA and doesnt apply to hemp derivatives as stated above.


Yeah this is basically public knowledge at this point, 5 minutes of listening to dude, I’m very unimpressed. I’ve been very interested in analogues for years, specifically psychedelics though. One day I saw fentanyl and other fentylogues being offered for like $400/g. I knew back then, way before, most people ever knew that fentanyl existed, that it was going to become a HUGE problem.

Anyway I’m mainly talking about semi-synthetic derivatives of naturally occuring phytocannabinoids. A lot of the true non classical synthetic analogues have already been specifically scheduled under the Synthetic drug abuse prevention act of 2012 but fortunately the classes they deem scheduled do not contain any of the phytocannabinoid structural motifs.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so about that episode. Not sure how you can go from having Hamilton Morris on to having that dude on who obviously has a very surface level understanding of what he’s reporting on.

I think there’s a pretty huge difference between the semi-synthetic compounds and isomers we talk about here and something like JWH-018. Not sure if the regulators would acknowledge the difference though.


Yes I believe they do. I could be wrong.

It was written when JWH families came into market. They had to create that law and blanket ban them.
Inherently separating them from the phytos.

Now that joe Rogan…

That dude was a joke. When asked if he has ever done opioids then he said “yeah I’ve done Tylenol 3”. Lmfao what!?

Also disappointed with the Snowden podcast too.


I’m not a huge fan of Joe Rogan personally either. I don’t hate him, but I think we could have a better spokesperson for psychedelics.

The one interview I can recommend from his is him interviewing Adam Curtis, a documentary producer that made “Hyper Normalization”

Very interesting and scary stuff.

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Hopefully not. There is an uncharted molecular landscape of THC derived analogues, and exploration needn’t be hindered by silly legislators, whom know nothing on the subject of chemistry.


Only a few have really blown me away… Eric Weinstein was a great one… so was the comic Mark Normand… funny as hell…

I was told explicitly by representatives of the ODA that as far as Oregon is concerned all hemp derived isomers except d9 are legal. That seems to be the straightforward meaning of the farm bill’s text as well. However they may change it in the future and i think they’d have a good reason for doing so. The bill’s whole intention was to stop hemp products from getting people high and potentially being diverted to rec use. Everyone converting stuff to intoxicating compounds like d8 contradicts this intention so i would not be surprised if it gets banned at all.


You are probably correct in that. My friend who works under OLCC however, was told even semi synthesis in an OLCC lab is prohibited. But who really knows? Thats why I’m bringing the topic up. As far as my own interpretation goes, at least at this point, Full Steam ahead on CBN.


Best Episodes:

  1. Grahamn Hancock, Micheal Schermer and Randall Carlson.
  2. Artie Lange
  3. Alex Jones
  4. Paul Staments

Dennis McKenna was a good episode too


Yes!! I forgot about John Anthony West too.

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Good to see you posting here. The interpretation of the farm bill stated here is valid. However, I think there are other interpretations that are also valid and it will be up to a judge to make that final determination.

Most analogues will be over looked due to their nonpsychoactivity or low potency for the select few that are active.

D8-THC is the one I’d worry about and would draw the most media attention. CBN May bring attention but is less likely

If people make and market the higher potency 11-hydroxy analogues, it could also bring negative attention.


I completely agree that d8 and other Thc isomers brings openly sold are the exact opposite of the farm bills writers intent. They were trying to allow a burgeoning Cbd market, not legalize THC isomers that get you high

We may be able to use their negligence as a loop hole but for how long and with what consequences is anyone’s guess

You’re literally talking about isomers they give to kids in Israel for cancer because they dont affect kids the same way as adults.

You act like d8 is heroin or some shit its hilarious.

Cbn is reported to have 10% the psycho activity of d9

Cbnd is supposed to be just as psycho active as d9

D10 is reported to be 10%as psycho active as d9

You’re making pretty big claims about how bad these isomers “fuck you up”

Ask @MagisterChemist about d10, he tried it with me in Portland a month or so ago and LOVED it

You act like they didnt put the word ISOMER in the farm bill, along with the word DERIVATIVE. Politicians arent stupid.


I think these are the only synthetic cannabinoids they should be looking at. The research chem synthetics have been popping up in legal CBD products for years

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Yeah i am actually concerned. I haven’t really seen hemp derived d8 on the market much, but it would be legal for interstate shipping and i think the backlash will be big. States that previously had been all for hemp are going to be pretty miffed when there are news reports of people buying d8 online

Don’t confuse what we want to happen with what we think will happen. What i would like to happen is d8 (and d9) be legal in the whole nation. What I’m worried will happen is states that don’t have legal weed will have people getting high on d8 and have a hostile reaction to all hemp products in general putting back the progress we’re seeing.