Will 90%+ distillate work in the liberty v9's?

Still in testing phase but last batch I switched between a bunch of cartridges and ended with the liberty v9’s. Only problem is we ran the batch at 83% distillate 10% MCT and like 7-8% terpenes. Ideally I’m looking to ditch the MCT oil but am looking for advice before my orders come in this week. Does anyone here use the v9’s with purely a distillate/terpene blend? Do you think they will get clogged up or lead to other issues? The reason i’m in such a rush is because I need to get a couple hundred out this week and any advice would save me a day or two of testing.

Do you guys think say 92% distillate - 8 % terpenes would work well with the v9’s?

Also if this was the wrong place to post I will gladly move the topic somewhere else.

Appreciate it guys!!


They will do 100% distillate, load one up and try it for a week. The vapor will be thin untill the cart heats up a little, then it should rip.

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Awesome thank you. When you say 100% distillate do you mean just pure distillate no terpenes or anything?

Or do you mean no cutting agent with just distillate + terps. I’m guessing the latter but just wanted to double check.

Also thank you very much. Assuming they work with 100% distillate looks like I should be good to go.

no cuts, no terps should work fine. The carts will make weak vapor untill they heat up, then you should be making thick vapor.

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Awesome thank you. Do you think with like a 7-10% terpene cut they would produce a solid vapor?

Thats what i do, 8% terpenes in my v9’s, no other cutting agent used. I tried the smaller aperature holes and they clogged alot. I switched to the bigger aperature holes and havent had a problem yet. Only had 1 cart not work so far out of 600ish, that was from the coil not working.

I think it produces plenty of vapor. Ive usually do 8% on food grade terps and 10-12% on cannabis derivee terpenes.


You are the MAN!!. Thank you.

When you say bigger aperature size are you talking about the 1.5 mm holes?

Also what food grade terpenes have you used? I was using theterpenestore’s for a while and they had a few very good choices. This batch I ordered some from floraplex (recommended on here in another thread), and perfumers apprentice. I’m asking because I was hanging around 7-8% terpenes as well and it seemed perfect. I’m wondering if there is a large enough variance between different companies.

yup 1.5mm is now what i use.
i have used True Terpenes in the past but have found that majority of them have an overwhelming pine taste that masks the other terps, making most of the flavors taste somewhat similar compared to the spectrum of taste i find of the cannabis derived terpenes.
I ordered Floraplex recently aswell hoping to find a better taste. i ordered Sour diesel, Wedding cake and Strawberry Cough, should be in the mail next week sometime. I’ll let you know how that goes, id be interested to hear you review for both the food grade terps you bought.
Most my clients like the taste of all of them ive done, maybe im just being too picky.


I have been using winterized oil only. No addatives at all. Carts had 2mm oil intake holes. Worked quite good, sometimes they tend to clogg on the inside but nothing bad. Warming them is enough to make the clogging go away…

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I’ve used straight distillate in the 1.5mm holes and distillate with 5% terpene cut in 1.5 and have had great luck. Big hits and no clogs so far.


Do you decarb it before it goes into the cart… I was think n on tryn it

No decarb for me, works perfectly without (in my case)

How did the floraplex work out?

Great! I recommend Strawberry Cough. The Wedding Cake and Sour Diesel still had that over-piney smell. The taste however is slightly more complex than true terpenes.
Im comparing FP Sour Diesel to TP og kush. Both smell like pine but the sour diesel is more mellow on the pine and u can taste hints of other things

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