Wiki Jane *Feedback and trouble shooting*

I was typing a message out to @sidco but in the spirit of the forum i figured it would be better openly discussed for everyone to see. This is regarding the wiki

I have drafted a bucket tek wiki and will be tightening that up soon and also intend to create a budget winterization page here in a day or two.

Once I feel like they are fairly complete how do I move them to the useful resources tab?


For now to keep spam down the front page is the only page that normal users cannot edit.
The easiest way this will go down is to create (or use an existing) link in draft:wip [] - When you think the page is ready for prime time copy and paste the link from “WIP” to “Completed”


When i use the button to export to PDF i get this error message “mbstring extension must be loaded in order to run mPDF” not sure if this is my browser or on the back end

Just updated the acronyms.conf to include “PPE” i used the same formatting as the rest of file but the tooltip doesnt show up when i highlight PPE with my cursor in the wiki i was working on. Do i need to resave it or somthing?

Ah yeah thats gonna be backend. ill work on it when I get back from camping on Tuesday.

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Aaaand I broke it. Be back up shortly


lolol :muscle: too strong for your own good


Fixed the pdf export and now we’re all up to date :slight_smile: