Why is n-heptane so expensive?

Why is n-heptane so much more expensive (75% more) than standard heptane? Are there impurities that remain through the process from heptane thus justifying the higher purity of n-heptane? Or is n-heptane overkill?

It’s because the cheap supply is heptane(s) or even a purer heptane that have heptane isomers and similar.

N heptane genuine supply is 99.999+ free from isomers. And those pesky dirty solvents that are inherent with industrial grade heptane(s)


So best is to use the n-Hexaan ≥99 %, for synthesis for (converting cbd) ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

making pure n-alkanes is just ridiculously expensive, as they don’t usually occur in their pure form in nature (n-heptane does though, as a degradation product from a certain tree species).

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