Why doesn't CBD work for me? (or, Do We Need More Reasonable Prices and Higher Dosage?)

Hello all,

In an effort to make hemp-derived cannabinoids, more available to more folks that may benefit from them, and at a price that allows for more realistic dosages, we remind you that we have created the TRi Brand.

We are offering our:

100mg CBD isolate capsules
$100 (bottles of 100)
$40 (botlles of 30)

50mg CBG isolate capsules
$200 (bottles of 100)
$60 (bottles of 30)

I think that the two capsules taken together, two to three times a day is amazing. I don’t get much from CBD alone, and CBG alone was definitely more noticeable but didn’t compare to the combination of both CBD and CBG (I was taking a 1:1 combo)


You can use coupon code: @FUTURE to get an additional 10% at checkout.
Thanks for everyones support with this project so far! <3


I’ve seen suggestions of a minimum effective dose of 1000-1500mg, what are your thoughts on that figure?

For me I really like the 150mg-300mg each range of CBD mixed with CBG, with either a 1:1 or 2:1 (CBD:CBG), with as much THC as I can get all day. Maximum Saturation!


Agreed 100% I’m usually a 4:2:1 CBD:CBG:THC guy myself


I’m usually around 100-150 per dose and feel great, usually using a 2:1 cbd:cbg ratio.