Why does my distillate go soft with age?



Much like many unfortunate men, as my distillate ages I find it has trouble staying hard.

I’ve lab tested it consistently at 97+% cannabinoids (mostly d9 with some d8&CBn in the mix).

It’s super hard as soon as I jar it up, and has stayed that way (never had any complaints or returns) in larger batches.

When I put a smaller amount in the bottom of a jar, with lots of air in the headspace, I find within a week it goes quite soft at room temperature.

I’m guessing it’s an oxidation reaction? But what’s it decomposing into? Obviously to remediate this I’d isolate variables of temperature and oxygen (nitrogen fill), anyone got any other tips?


Temperature, Pressure, Sweep Gas (as you suggested with Nitrogen) or a stabilizing additive seem like your only options, as far as I know to say about it.


Sounds like humidity


I’m coastal, so that seems pretty likely :slight_smile: