Why does BHO sugar take 4x as long as shatter to decarb

I’ve been using BHO sugar in my edibles and its been taking about 3-4x as long as shatter to fully decarb

I set aside time in the morning so the decarb is fresh and now my process is taking way longer than it should. I was just wondering the reason for this

Same hotplate, same beaker, same temps.

Heidolph HeiTech @ 180c 1000ml beaker 100g sugar - taking 2 hours +

Ive noticed a stirbar at 100rpm speeds up the time a little bit

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You have to add extra heat to break the crystal matrix? With shatter you are melting an amorphous solid. With sugar you are melting a more structured, lower energy state material.

Same reason you need your Enail hotter to deal with diamonds…

But 4x seems loooong.

Edit: …so I’d also suggest you’ve got more volatiles you’re boiling off.


yes ive noticed the decarb loss is slightly more with the live terpy stuff, was thinking water content and terps

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It’s usually very high purity with no decarb, even shatter will have so amount of decarb.