Why are my balls clear?

I have one strain that gives me clear balls. Whipped Cherries.

Never have I had my balls so clear, normally their full of striations.

Done on 5L spd, same sop and parameters.

I run FFLR > SPD > Single pass only

This is what my balls normally look like

This is what whipped cherries does to my balls. This strain does create darker bho, and the disty color matches.

First time running it I got this

Second time running it (2 weeks later, different harvest, different bho run) I got this

What’s going on here?


Top pic looks like a some of the heads fraction made it into your tails fraction, whereas the latter two pictures looks like you had really great separation.

I don’t run an SPD though, so don’t take my word for it.


Thank you for the reply.

Single receiving flask, no fractions.

Just finishing up a run of Orange Cannoli right now, this is how all the runs look normally with striations.

The Whipped Cherries is the only strain out of hundreds that has been crystal.


Do you winterize prior to distillation?


Can we see the rest of ur still? You distill fresh frozen live resin with no cuts and put it into pens? Single source distillate kinda thing?


I think you’re onto something with the winterizing. Either the whipped cherries is getting a better dewax or the terps in the whipped cherries is dissolving the fats more than the other strains.

Very interesting tek.

What happens when you heat your cloudy oil and let it cool? Does it stay clear or cloudy?


Looks like either water content wasn’t removed or you got some lipids & fats in it.

Water will leg out on glass like that with oil presences.


There is noticeable moisture in the flask(s) that are cloudy, as well. Thinking he’s in heads and not main body all the way, or swaps into main body too soon.

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He said he doesn’t pull heads or tails lol

Unless I’m reading this wrong…Could be, I’m not a spd/disty guy…

The way I’m reading it is he is distilling everything into that one flask…



It does seem interesting and I’d be down to try your product sometime @Sativasfied


My bad, I did not read that you only do one pass. Never heard of that before.
What is your decarb like? Do you decarb in the SPD before distilling? Wondering if there is still moisture around after your decarb is done. Can we agree that the striations are caused by either water, fats, or terps?


I feel with the very little oxidation there’s likely not TOO much moisture. But I hope they atleast azetrope it & switch otherwise that compounds profile will be pungent over the LR heads. But unless knowing what the do step by literal step we can only speculate

Sorry - what does moisture content have to do with oxidation?


Azulene… a very oxidized compound that’s rancid. If it’s LR then if not taking proper procedure to azetrope that content off, it’s likely in the end product & will at some point oxidize the distillate indefinitely. Depending how strong that terp profile is it could be hidden. But I’d assume it has a very strong smell that SHOULD not be in there if he’s doing a complete no flask change out for runs.

Still unclear what this has to do with moisture but I will move on since I do not want to derail the thread

So likely fats and terps, not water then? OP do you not winterize so as to save those glorious FFLR terps? Maybe this strain needs a better dewax in the column?


Moisture content will be responsible for azulene… were exactly on topic for what could be in this since he is doing a no flask swap run.

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a mixture of two liquids which has a constant boiling point and composition throughout distillation.

I don’t think that means what you think it means.


When you azetrope water off what would you call it? Or would you just like me to say when you separate the azetrope? Quit trying to grasp straws already.

It’s funny for you to do this one even though you told me you don’t care about terms like that.

You also agreed with me on the

So wouldn’t you also conclude to azulene since it would seem as a no swap out run

This is why I wanna get into distilling. Gaw damn

An azeotrope or a constant boiling point mixture is a mixture of two or more liquids whose proportions CANNOT be altered or changed by simple distillation. This happens because when an azeotrope is boiled, the vapour has the same proportions of constituents as the unboiled mixture.

Do you not see what I’m saying?

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