Why additional runs through same CRC, progressively require more pressure

Anyone know the reason as to why additional runs, through same crc, progressively slow down or require more pressure? Is it fat build up, temperature related, or the media just grabbing more bs thus requiring more force to flow through?
On a separate note: how are y’all stepping down to .2 micron and keep scale up? Anyone sell a cartridge style filter that can keep up with 4 6” 1 micron disks? Good for 100psi+

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It sounds like you already know the answer. media picks up shit and becomes less flowable.

Cartridge filter will be far superior to any 2D filter plate. I’d recommend indofab’s cartridge filter.


Any pic s of such device ?


Thanks! How often do these cartridges need replacement? Also any GLG fellows selling an alternative, would love to keep money in the fam.
Edit: I believe indo is GLG, so ignore comment. (Idk how to delete)

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We sell 0.2um cartridge filters and are included in every system we sell. Have a few options available.

A 10" filter can handle 10 gpm (30#/min is only 7gpm)… Not too often do they need replaced. It’s when the psi differential gets over 20-30 psi you want to change. Housing has been certified to 350psi.

As for the CRC, media may be getting packed by the solvent flow tighter, or it’s from bound up THCa that didn’t get pushed out. I have seen it come out long after it looks like it’s done and experienced yield loss if it’s not flushed right. It is chromatography after all. If it gets below -20c your likely crashing acids.

I used just silica60 a few years ago to separate cbda from the hte. Acids travel slower the colder it gets.

Terpenes follow the solvent front with the neutrals right behind, then finally the acids come out last when doing metered injection and solvent flush until each fraction is collected. Chlorophyll a & b also separate and can be used as markers to find the acids.


In addition, when these clays pick up water, they tend to swell.


This would make sense why it gets slower when colder too. (Water or viscosity) Sometimes I’ll come back to a crc once it’s warmed back up and flow will be good again.

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