Who's the real original Factory

Yeah Charlsen.

Here is the test report for our Kseal.

Toxicology-2.pdf (351.3 KB)
Toxicology report-1.pdf (540.8 KB)


Happy Thanksgiving Day to Yall future4200 friends!

Yo you’re a historian: tell us some more of what that was like as an early cart!

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Many friends are not knowing about the real original manufacturer in China, maybe you’ll get a lot from this article: the real cannabis vaporizer manufacturer.


That article missed SMISS TECH. Hmmmm

Let us talk about how can we make the list.

I am serious.

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I aint gonna show patents and stuff here.

If anyone wants to know more about us. here is the link.

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$13 extra buck to get this beauty

wish they had one that recessed the cart inside.

Happy New Year to future4200 Friends! Wish Y’all many future successes!

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Re the real cannabis vaporizer manufacturer, you‘ve just missed BUDDY TECH Company, Factory Video: Buddy Group Factory Preview - YouTube

Shenzhen eases lockdown restrictions since 21st, March. Our factory are running as normal, welcome to contact us for full ceramic cartridge and disposables.

Congrats on opening back up!! Have you had any issues with shipping and logistics backlogs?

We had most of our raw material suppliers shut down last week due to the lockdowns, but fortunately with our newest factory in Zhengzhou, we were able to still do assembly last week.


Thanks JC!

Our shipment agent are back to work too, all the packages are arranging to ship out, everything is normal as before.

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Happy 420 days to Y’all Future4200 Friends!

Special day, Special release!

Boshang products family welcome 3 new members join in today.
The beauty photos are as follows:


Any comment for our new products are much appreciated!

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JWEI GROUP , https://www.jwei.com/ ,cannabis vape brand - ukera, https://www.ukerausa.com/

JWEI Group has wide products range from simple disposable vapes to a bit advanced pod vapes. We have two major manufacturing bases: Joyetech Shenzhen Electronics Co. Ltd (STMA License Number: 6144030107) and Shenzhen JWEI Electronics Co. Ltd (STMA License Number: 6144030109).

Both of the two factories already got the tobacco production license by STMA and holds an official export license.

We have a professional engineering team for automatic machines development and manufacturing.

JWEI Group provides low-cost and highest-quality products to our OEM and ODM customers worldwide, from designing to mass production with professional one-stop service.

How a Boshang FC37 is made in factory?

Happy Thanksgiving day!

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Buddy fully automated intelligent production, stringent and comprehensive quality control management, and comprehensive quality assurance. Choose Buddy as your ideal business partner for high-quality, efficient solutions!

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voltage can be variable, we can also customize the voltage as per client request