Who's got the plug on cheap jacketed columns?

Looking for 2 jacketed 6x36 inch columns compatible w a chiller. And 2 sleeved 6x36 inch columns compatible w dry ice. Who’s got it the cheapest?

@Killa12345 is usually the first guy on f4200 to check for cheap steel. I believe his website is Qualitystainlessparts.com. lol thanks @GreenMachine_Consult


Killas site is actually https://qualitystainlessparts.com/


Killa got the media on lock. I’m loyal to the soil. Green machine (or whatever) got my steel needs on lock. Thx @Future for creating this platform for me to thrive. I know I joke around a lot but yall changed my life for real😍


Greenmachine has the prices on steel at this point. If your willing to wait the prices are dope and zack will make sure your taken care of.
I have a javketed 6x36 coming as we speak from him


Why do you have to wait? Is it custom made or coming from China?

Yes @EVFarm we manufacture in china and warehouse the majority of our stuff there to save on overhead. We do mostly custom work but there’s such a demand for regular spool parts we started just getting them welded and stocked.

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Green Machine has quality steel for a steal I can confirm!

Not sure where your located but I got a guy who does great welding work and he’s really competitive in his pricing…

We live in Central California. If you need more info text me at +12096202373

Thanks Curtice

dm sent.