Whoops. Need CBG Clones / Seeds again

Seeking CBG seeds (clones aren’t in season but will take if you’ve got them)

Please inbox me pricing and details. This is for my partners farms at the border of Texas / Mexico.


I don’t know if you have heard of the CBD Crew ? Euro seed company set up by Shanti Baba and Howard Marks ?
I can ask for a current seed list, the last time is spoke with Scott, CBN and CBG is what they were working with i’m sure.
I can contact them and get a current list of what they have in bulk amount if you like ?


Bought near 500 clones last time.

Edit 1000 seeds needed.

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I tried there cbd mango haze and the nose on it was the best smelling strain I’ve grown to date.


Well we are friends, so I will ask what they currently have and what sort of price, its possible there will be no prices… You might have to contact them because prices vary with quantity.

I will send a message this very moment.

edit: its been sent .

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I would be interested as well especially CBN.

I can also have 1000 fresh CBG clones in 2 weeks.

I have around 500 ready now.2008NBL1859.4256 - Hartsock’s Horticulture Inc. - CBG - 3.pdf (172.6 KB)



Do i need to ask for vendor status to sell seeds ? @Future

Good question.

Im happy to put everyone in direct contact and we can make me a " go fund me " page lol …

Thanks. A deal has been achieved.

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Whoops. Apologies @Cloner - The team apparently wasn’t fully ready with their green houses and now they’re 100% ready today for clones. I understand it’s been 2 weeks and theyve aged.

If anyone has decent CBG Clones available (We understand the season)
My partners are ready to order today and have them shipped ASAP.

Again, apologies on them not being initially ready for what was available previous.

Thread re-opened.

Seeds are also acceptable if no clones are found.