Wholesale Cost of a Liter of THC Distillate in 1) Washington and 2) Colorado.

Can anyone provide me with the relative wholesale cost of THC in Washington and Colorado.

Bumping for interest.

My company buys about 20kg of THC distillate in WA per month and we’re paying ~$6.50/g. That price is for good quality distillate that has a great color and is 93%+. Worse quality distillate can go for $4.50/g-$5.50/g.


slquarante51@gmail.com hit me up I can help

In CA, liters go for 4.5k-5k its hard to find anyone willing to pay above that. And its for double pass apple juice yellow distillate. (I know its a different state, but honestly it should be cheaper in those two states)

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$5/g is about right for wholesale in Colorado for METRC tracked THC distillate


How much for a 1 liter? I’m in washington, looking to buy

Hey contact me if still interest.
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7k now with the lack of biomass and prices of what is left of biomass more than doubling
I don’t know why anyone would charge less
it cost of production doubles
final cost has to increase as well
i’ve had people come to me after they bought 5k liters and later found out they were cut with that honey cut crap
be careful guys!


Do you have any

Always, about 4 a month.

DM me or email sales@oprima.net

Are any of you in Colorado ?

If anyone is in Colorado Are there smaller amounts of wholesale like 1/2 liters an if so what are they priced at? I too have been looking for disty hookup

Are you licensed in CO? DM me if so I might be able to help.

Do you have to be licensed in Colorado I thought it was a recreational state i should be able to buy for personal use right?

Can we buy some from you?

We don’t sell, we only buy.