Who’s the oven + vacuum pump leaders

Across or Casacde, Edwards or Welch…? Trying to figure out which ovens and pumps we should source. We’ve bought a 5lb hydrocarbon extractor and now looking for ovens. Any experience/recommendation with the different manufacturers, sizes, dependability etc. is appreciated and valued.

What do you plan on using it for? What is your production volume? What is your budget?

Across = Chinese manufactured so it’s much cheaper. I’ve been using them since 2013. Things break and fall off, but it’s never been anything we couldn’t jerryrig or get by without. They work great to get the job done.

Cascade = American made in OR I believe. I’ve never owned one but I’ve used them at friends’ labs. They are beasts. Very well made, very heavy duty. Great product if you wanna spend.

Pumps: Depends on vacuum oven/other applications. I have an OLD Edwards e28 (bought used from phizer) that is so old and torn back that sometimes I flinch when I turn it on :joy: . But everyday that thing fires up sucks a super deep vac.

My personal experience and opinion. Good luck! :+1:


I’d like to keep oven and pump budget under $20k. We plan on running our extractor 8-10 runs a day, so need ovens to handle that amount of product… I imagine having different sizes of ovens for all the different products would be advantageous?? I’ve only been able to see what a 2lb extractor pour looks like, how much space that takes in a oven, amount of production that looks like in a day etc. obviously a 5lb extractor will have bigger pours etc… In a unconscious incompetent mode here, don’t know what I don’t know.

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What extract are you planning on making? Are you purging slabs? Are you using it for purging the sauce fraction of diamonds?

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I can help, Mr-cloud. Please reach me at cat@cascadesciences.com

I’ve been selling vacuum ovens and pumps to aerospace, electronics and big pharmaceutical companies since 2000. I would love to assist you. I can give you a pretty good idea of what to pump to go with as well.


All of the above. Live resin, shatter, sugar, diamonds etc.

you might want to start with two ovens then. you’ll find yourself wanting three at some point.


Email sent! Thank you!

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Checkout the new Edwards Dry Claw pump, EDC65. 46 CFM,
New single stage dry claw pump made to handle chemistry. Easy to rebuild on site.

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