Who Is shamanr00t And Why Did He Change My Post?

I have a post about selling fem seed and someone called shamanr00t changed it. I would imagine that means he has some kind of admin rights but I don’t appreciate it being changed for no reason. If there is a reason then I should be told why it is happening. Have some respect and change it back.

can’t sell stuff here without being verified first.

it’s literally the first post you see on the site…
that’s why.


How am I supposed to verify seed? I posted a question asking for help on that and nobody said anything. Am I going to send my seed so you can look at it and perform some magic to say “yep, these look like fem seed”?

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No. Not me. @Future or another admin member on here will though.
You must be new to this. Otherwise you would understand how many scammers and liars are in this industry. That is why they request to get samples and COAs to go along with whatever you are trying to sell here.
If that’s too much to ask, then try eBay.


The only way to verify fem seed is to plant it and then send it to be tested. I’m not advertising isolate or some product that you can have a result in a couple days. Also I did look at that post and it says nothing about seed. It only mentions cbd products.

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Umm, no… There are definitely tests you can do on seed… you should have fem rates and germ rates on your seed, yeah?? COAs of the biomass it produced? Anything at all??

Just hopping on here and saying “I have seed!” isn’t gonna get ya far man. Most the people on this site know their shit and have been doing this a long time. None of them will buy from anyone on here who isn’t verified.


thank god i see qma typing theres so much potential here


well, future has also said if it doesn’t have cannabinoids he doesn’t care. Context was spent biomass though

I do have fem rates, germ rates, and COAs but yes I am new to this industry. That’s why I created a post a week or so ago asking about verifying seed and nobody said anything. The first post on the page says nothing about seed and nobody wanted to help so I made a for sale post. If someone is actually interested then I send them all the information I have about us and our plants.

To anyone who ignored my post asking for help…they should decide if they are trying to help the industry or if they just want to go on witch hunts. I know which of the two types I would want to work with.

Well apparently they do care, because his posts are getting fucked with. I’m not sure why else they’d do that.

anyone thats a regular can edit post titles


Well yeah man there are probably 20 of those posts a day on here.
So people tend to get annoyed with it and stop even responding to them. Go read the verification rules thoroughly. They show exactly what to send and where to send it. That’s really all the advice I can give you.

oh really? I didn’t know that.

edit: I still dont think seeds that will produce cannabinoids fall under this post though. I know I had to get verified before trying to push seed.

What does a “Regular” title mean?


re: edit

i’m not saying im right, thats just how i read it

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Thanks for that. Seems like BS though. Basically what it sounds like is: We don’t know you but we’re glad you’ve been posting on our site for months. Here’s the right to screw with whatever you want.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how Discourse Trust Levels work (this is not specific to Future4200 but an industry standard in online community building):

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I just read through how trust levels work and my previous assessment seems pretty accurate. Person doesn’t have to be trustworthy or know what they’re talking about. They just have to show up, throw some likes, and not get flagged too many times.

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Bitching about how the site works is probably isn’t the best way to sell stuff here dude :joy: :joy:
just a thought.