Who has the best CDT?

Hmmm, Maybe he’s extracting them fresh off the plant for you Terp on demand!

I If you still need for some reason, got a pretty nice lineup right now. I’m ready to go.

 1	Purple Afghan - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
2	Strawberry Diesel - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
3	White Fire OG - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
4	Blueberry Muffin - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
5	Pineapple express - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
6	GMO - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
7	ice cream cookies  - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
8	Purple Cream Cake - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
9	Strawberry Guava gelato - 20x 50ml Amber                 Bottle
10	Guava Biscotti - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
11	Garlic Drip - 20x 50ml Amber Bottle
12	hawaiian runtz - 40x 50ml Amber Bottle
13	Pineapple Kush - 1x 50ml Amber Bottle
14	Pear Blossom - 1x 50ml Amber Bottle
15	Tropical Tempest - 1x 50 ml Amber Bottle
16	Oregon Guava - 1x 50ml Amber Bottle

Normal in my experience

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Just bought a few thousand in samples from different vendors, he’s the only one who didn’t follow through. If I don’t hear from him this weekend I’ll write it off and place that order with you. I’ll be scooping some more samples here shortly regardless.

A bit disappointed, I had higher hopes with the recommendations from here.

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:tada::sweat_drops:On Wednesday, my team will have 10 g bottle samples of each of our varietals. This will be priced to eight dollars per gram
One bottle of each strain per customer, five varietals MOQ equals 50 g
First come first serve this is all we have available for samples at this time until after the fall
Thank you

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Im a busy man, i leave my duties to other people who dont seem to give AF, when im gone.
Sorry for the delay, just got back from an event and consultation and im headed out again for another consultation tonight.

If u want terps overnighted then other people are better choices, if u want the best then ill be here whenever u want them.
Usually im faster but there are times when im out of town and since im basically a one man team, i cant always fullfill things asap.

I sent ur terps with dry ice, so hopefullt they stay frozen until u get them.


well, im not sure who you sent $ to for a sample, it was not us. if you want a sample, please contact us directly


I’m sure most customers would rather pay with a credit card to a real company, and have that real company ship them their terps the same/next day. Imagine if the terp company was cut out by the extractor, thinking “who needs terp farm?” And then they just flop for years on end destroying their reputation and terp farms desire to ever work with them again. Ive heard that song several times now, I know it by heart


Clearnation, Cannarefined, Helloterps.

CN gets the edge on quality/presentation.
CR gets the edge on variety.
HT gets the edge on price.

@Thetetraguy sent me a sample of some steam that was pretty pristine if you want a lighter fraction. @Octave has some good products, if the MOQ’s were lower there i’d give that a spin too. Haven’t had much success with commercial vendors there, lots of lower quality/older products seem to be floating around.

Some of the stuff from companies like mass or abstrax with flavorants reintroduced is interesting (albiet not CDT). It’s hard to do proper and the majority of the time i find it more irritating and artificial than anything, but occasionally it works out just right and at least tastes like a halfway acceptable mimic in some regards.


Appreciate the positive feedback working on smaller MOQ. We’ve got some 10 g jars for $80 5 jar MOQ

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This is what I came here for, thank you


Most “live” terps your purchasing from just about every supplier are going to be HDT… Very few have actual CDT from high producing thc plants and price points reflect this along with opperating under the farm bill.
There are no flavorings added to the straight HDT’s Abstrax sells. Take a peak at the COA’s and terp analytics on the website under the hemp terp page. Happy formulating :slight_smile:

How you pull your terps is interesting… With that said i have tried some of your stuff there, and i have to say im not terribly impressed with your process in comparison to CO2. Call the input material whatever you want, im comparing the outputs here. Just my opinion. It’s surely better than regular commercial steam? And the pricing in-between most steam/co2 options. Good to add to the list i suppose.

Anyways yes, seems you don’t use flavorants there. You may want to look at that honestly, some of the closest mimics i have seen on these other processes do reintroduce them back in (which is why i mentioned that). I know some companies like mass, true and others do. In the same regard cloudburst and entourage are very interesting/creative lines for those looking for other options. I like you guys as a company and greatly appreciate the research that you have put out. But i really have to put your “HDT” somewhere around that steam class (even if above) for my personal taste. Pricing pretty much reflects that. To each is own~

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CDT with real tree…