Who has cbd gummies

I need cbd Gummies about 10,000 monthly around 2$ 30 count for 10 mg


Didn’t you already ask for this at 3 dollars a piece?

You should edit you post title. Or someone might offer you some fish oil candy :wink:

Can people post wtb stuff like this? Or is that nogo too anyhow?

even for isolate, that’s pretty low my friend - we can do $4/bottle 225cc white HDPE 45/400 bottle with white cap. you’re applying labels? lowballing that hard is gonna get you a subpar product, spend the extra buck and get quality - no adverse reactions or recalls (or testing under label claim) - let’s all make 2020 a step up in quality, our customers will thank us :slight_smile:


You’ll need verification to slang products here. Otherwise it’s spam


Yes my bad! I’ll get verified.