White globs in mother liqior (Shatter.)

Ran into an issue today doing a shatter run. Ran everything cold, biomass was godfather OG from a supplier I trust, I even was there for much of the grow and trim and cure.
The mother liqior was dark for being a week from dry, it was dry as always and no moisture.
It was ran cold and the tubes and biomass very cold and well.
When I opened the lid it had a heaps on like scrambled eggs type of consistancy on top. It was filtered and dewaxer and the globs wouldnt melt back in like wax. It was very cloudy. So instead of shatter I poured into jars and the globs are starting to come together. They are white/yellowish.
It also has maybe twice the yield I would usually expect so I feel there could be something somehow random in it but I dont think during the grow. Obviously this is to be thrown out but,
Has anyone ran into this issue or know what it is?
I am stumped and dont want to run into the problem again. It should have been yellow gold beautiful mother liqior but it’s almost black with white globs everywhere and milky like cloudiness.

What do you mean exactly by filtered and dewaxed? It honestly just looks like a bunch of oil purged on the walls and there wasn’t enough butane for it to completely redissolve, but I’m guessing at your parameters.


They need to harvest about 2 weeks prior to the day they are doing for sure. And it looks older than week dry

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Ya man it looks older but it was finished and dried a week ago I was privy and witness to the whole process as usual. It went the usual amount of time, half amber half white/clear heads on the tryces.

It went through dry ice chamber and then through the filters down to 2.5 micron as usual. I was thinking it could just be oil left purged on the walls as well but its was my usual 7:+1 tane to biomass ratio. It’s really weird, if it was wax (which it shouldn’t be,) It would usually dissolve once in heat at 85° passive recovery. Im totally stumped lol.

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Also the gloves are still in the oil on the jar, even coming together a bit. I feel there had to be something random in it because of the extra weight and that it’s dark. I was there on trim day myself so I know it’s been dry and cured a week. I gotta figure it out so i dont replicate it or know what to look for because I’m deff throwing it out if it’s got something no good in there.

It’s looking like the plants where harvested entirely to late. And /or that’s an extremely waxxy strain.

But that dark and solid color is dark and odd for one week dried ran dry ice cold

It should have looked more see thru still

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A light crc would take out all the garbage pigments

Ya man that’s how I feel as well. I wouldn’t believe the age if i wasnt there myself through out its production. It could be extra waxy but as you say it should have come out in dewax. I’d also usually find it melts back into the mother liqior and just rears its ugly head when she sugars in your slab.

Yea I think I’ll have to hit her with some t5 and celite 545. Just want to make sure someone hasnt seen this because theres something not good in there for sale.

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I run material that looks like that all the time through light crc…like 25g silica and 50g t5…d.e. bed dont like celine but thats just me

Looks like this after light crc( I’m just trying to clean it up for crystallization not take color)and this before crc

Btw probably fats/waxes/ or thca

also if its not my material it gets a light crc bc as u see even witnessed it come down and still comes out bad

it should have looked like my light crc Pics by week dry and being fresh like that ran dry ice cold…even letting the plant go way over harvest it just gets darker sugar usually not goo

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Okay cool I’ll give the crc a go with it. My stuff usually comes out like these pics I’m attaching if I jar it or light glass shatter. Its deff new material so maybe just something random and hopefully far and few between haha. Thanks for the advice