Where's that degumming thread, Future?

Oh I am aware I am not the first to mention it. Nothing new under the sun, really. As long as one is working with gravity and not against it, I see no major problems using steam as a heat source to liquefy and move distillate, and as a medium by which to remove odors.

Hi guys im new to this site… i was wondering if there is a refined citric acid degumming procedure… and is it something i would find by joining the good life community?

Here is mine, @escobar2000

https://future4200.com/t/citric-acid-degumming-tek/936/17Citric Acid Degumming Tek


it’s Good Life GANG!

…with @Escobar2000 for a moniker you should understand the difference :wink:


I want to start out by thanking you. I have been reading many posts on this website, specifically re-reading yours, followed with a tremendous amount of research. I had to make an account just to contact you. I can’t seem to figure out how to send a inbox message, if you could inbox me I would be extremely greatful. I can’t express how much I appreciate your time, and I assure you I won’t be wasting it. I hope to hear from you soon.


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I’d like to hear more on this is that then winterized or distilled

Winterized after degum

Can anyone explain why the gumming happens in the first place? Is there a reason I want to de-gum? Or is it effectively harmless? Is all my potency trapped in the gum?

This is my first time encountering this phenomena so just trying to get a grasp on what I’m dealing with here.


The primary reason, in my experience, is to maximize the effectiveness of the super expensive MagSil-Pr when doing pesticide remediation. A secondary benefit seems to be stability of distillate post degumming, at least afa oxidation goes, although the “gums” aren’t the only thing that can oxidize

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if i mix the degumming enzyme in a small amount of water at 40c and then add to a bucket of ethanol/crude, the ethanol proof being around 175 (because of moisture in the biomass) would then enzyme still work properly?


Yes, the enzymes will still work


does the enzyme pull water solubles?


I always recommend consultation clients buy a copy of that book! The AOCS is such an amazing resource to have.


I am de-gumming and doing a brine wash after using pentane. Should i just winterize in my pentane solution or would it be recommended to devol and reintroduce a different solvent before winterizinng? Please help. its in the reactor right now…

If you need to winterize, you can’t do it in pentane because the waxes you are trying to remove are soluble in pentane at all temperatures. Evaporate and use ethanol. Hope this helps


Enzymes are catalysts not adsorbents.

So they don’t pull anything.

In this case they are chomping triglycerides.


You extracted them from the plant with your solvent of choice.

They are “non-target”. So removing them makes sense. Especially if they are getting in your way (refer to @Future’s response above).

Enzymes are being used to break them down so they can more easily be removed.


Thank you for putting it in simple terms. Since asking I’ve done a little more learning about the enzyme

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I know i’m a little late to this thread, but thank you for this.