Where y’all getting 1L media bottles?!? Everywhere is like a month lead time

Looking to get 150-300 bottles by next week 1L round or square Pyrex media bottles but everywhere I call is backed up. Anyone with the clutch bottle plug?

Gracias in advance


Usa labs


I just called Oregon extraction supply and they said they have them now, it’s in Medford oregon

We have them with gl-45 cap here
Last I checked there were a few thousand in stock.
Get 100 or more and they are $12.60. They are made in Czech republic (not China or India).
If people are really serious about buying in bulk then hit me up. If I get enough people to commit to a large purchase I will setup a manufacturing operation. I have looked into this before and it takes a lot of capital and setup expense but is possible to manufacture them for a reasonable price.

If you’re open to plastic I honestly prefer these over any glass bottles I’ve found. They can take a boil warm them no problem, and they never break.


Hit me up if you want 1000ml borosilicate media bottles with GL 80 caps. We have them at 11.99 each if you get a case of 30. In stock and ready to rock. If you call in your order at 833 PURE GAS, make sure to tell em Big M sent you!


This is probably better for some as it would pour better imo

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What are y’all sealing your jars with?

Parafilm works well.

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parafilm is the duct tape of chemists everywhere…