Where to source wholesale glass concentrate jars?

Where does everyone source their wholesale glass concentrate jars? Looking for wholesale 1 gram glass jars


DM me.


What quantity do you consider wholesale? How fast do you need them delivered where? Are you looking to source stocked stateside, or wait for the slow boat from China?

Cheapest for 100 or less will be a different game than cheapest for 10k or more

I use Oil slick for quick stateside stocked but have never needed more than 100k jars.

Call for wholesale. 1-360-922-7258

I have a source for 5ml, clear is a little cheaper


We just got some samples in from William @Ascent that look pretty good. Having a bit of a rough time getting anything we like from domestic suppliers recently but I’ll have to check out the sources above.


Have any 1ml small jars?

Gonna tag along with this OP. I’ve been portioning out single g’s of isolate in glass vials used for “white girl”. I dont like using those vials just for the association.

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I just bought 2k at <50 cents. We could do a group buy and get them around a quarter…


Still using Ascent? Any issues with cleanliness?

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Still using them, so far so good. We have a re-up on the way, I’d be happy if our quality stays the same as our last order


Yes i do PM me

Shoot me an email, David@fhpkg.com

I can vouch for FH, just did a pretty big order with them (120k units) and they were very easy to work with


Check PM


Account manager at FH ! best prices

He still around out here haven’t seen him in yrs since he was at the pulp mill before it sold

looks like he is judging by ig, seems to have been doing pretty well for himself lately

Nice good for him, ill have to reach out its been awhile

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