Where does the sticky icky go?

What happens to the sticky in my sticky icky?
I had one spectacular plant. We had an extended dry period Before harvest. I waited and harvested this plant before any rains. The buds were so sticky they wouldn’t come off your hands when touching. Oh I harvested a few side branches and the birds seem to almost be dry at harvest. The large stones even snapped when taking off the plant. I mean a clean snap. That’s why I am thinking it was me and my timing.Could this be the case?

I jarred these buds in my opinion too early to have time to dry and cure. The last three harvest I had cure with two glass jars. What I do I believe is called sweating your buds.A great lime smell that my dispensary friends wanted to purchase. I was just showing off.
I was out of town for a week after harvest. Plants were jarred when the outside was crunchy. Stem still had moisture in it. Nothing close to a clean snap. I understand the bird pulling moisture. My goal is the stem inside the bud to have a clean snap. But also keep the sticky icky attributes of My special plant.When harvesting the bulk of this plant and putting it in glass jars,My super plant didn’t sweat. It just got dry it lost Much of its stickiness an incredible flavor. I am crushed. Kinda…

This is a strange year, I had multiple hardest days. I have no SOP. This is like a craps game, when you think you know what you’re doing you get cleaned out. Can anyone explain what the sticky actually is? Also how to keep the sticky during the drying and curing process. Mucho Gracias

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How did you dry?

Based on the pictures you posted in the outdoor thread 11 days ago, I’d say there were some problems with less than ideal outdoor conditions and care. Your timing may have been late. Where you are on the planet makes a significant difference.

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Window stickers!