When to tell outdoor to stop IPM?

Hey everyone. Planning our outdoor for the year and I was just curious what everyone suggests to their growers of when to stop any/all IPM activities.

IPM isnt just pesticide spraying…

Definetly any hm and pest before 1st week of flower…
Then its just encapsulated in the glands.

Like the jurasic moscito…

I should have clarified a bit better in the OP.

We are very (rightly, imo) restricted in what we can use. Basically all “normal” pesticides aren’t allowed. Biological, natural, organics are all that’s allowed.

My question is more geared towards discerning when everyone believes it to still be “safe” to apply things like horticultural oils and whatnot without risking carryover to extract.

I spray food up til week 2 or three, and spray horsetail ferment and kombucha until week 6, and later if PM happens, which normally it doesn’t
I don’t spray oils past the begining of week 2 though, and always in the evening

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love me some of that copper sulphuric toned strain

do you outdoor guys do things like grow a susceptible crop which may attract the bugs and then ipm the heck out that stuff?

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The best pest management for bugs is to have as many bugs as possible. Everything gets eaten by something else. Strips of grass between rows helps in that regard, also prevents rabbit damage.

Idk the scale of your grow, but washing fresh bud at harvest in water helps remove anything you sprayed. It probably isn’t practical at a large scale, though.


Its called trap cropping yes

Edit: if ya dont nuke the trap crop a couple of times it might bite ya in the ass…

But Ive seen corn fields and one lil hemp filed in the mid, with no corn borrer or maybe a few occurances now and then


Ever made a pre post wash coa

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ive had certain strains in a garden that seemed to attract all the bugs while othres had none.


Ahh yes. The bane of the BM extractors existence


Yes on the benifical insects! Not just any bugs but lacewings and lady bugs and hypo something I can’t remember, (hypoapsis? )
Yes hypoapsis miles.
My bro Marty would spray a few daze in a row and then a day of water and then release the bugs
“Release the kraken”
Also, planting the flowers that beneficial insects like(dif ones for dif plants)
Also planting shit that attracts any bugs you may have a problem with, most of the bugs go to their favorite plant!
Also, fermenting crab meal into a liquid spray, and the plants thing they’re under attack and ramp up the SAR.
And I already mentioned horsetail as an antifungal in addition to being mostly bioavailable silica