Whats the best way to get thick crude out of jar and into boiling flask ?

I’ve got some super thick crude rn. What’s the best way to get it out of the jar and into the boiling flask without making a mess and losing a bunch?

warm it in a water bath. pour and use a heat gun to keep it movin’- toss the jar into a bucket of ethanol and use it for your next extraction


Ask your lackey to turn your dehydrator on when they come in. 160F for a few hours prior and a heat gun. And backup heat guns. Nice shiny, good heat guns.


Mr moneybags over here

im so cheap. why would you not use the last lil smears right?

We soak the paper towels we use to wipe up with in etoh to reclaim everything lol

Put the crude and a Stainless funnel in an oven at 170F for an hour then heat gun the funnel as u try and pour it in. I wouldnt try and just pour it straight into the joint lol

This is what I use. The great part is you can activate it before getting to your work space.

Paid for itself many times over

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What heat guns are you so stoked about, I have bought 10 dollar guns and 300 dollar guns , They all die way quicker then they should(1-2 months max)

The best I’ve found are the ones that don’t turn the blower off until the element has cooled but they still die pretty quick.

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One trick with heat guns, always move to the cool setting and leave running for a few mins.

I’ve had a mac brand heat gun in use for 5+ yrs doing autobody. It got used 1+hr daily.

I use AI forced air convection ovens. 2000$ for a 8 CUFT one set it to 140F sit it there for an hour and it pours like water

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It raises to temp easy and slow I have 2-3 shelves so can be melting down many liters of crude and distillate at a time and I can set it lower and let it sit longer if your worried about discoloration

Get a Wagner Furno 500, they’re pretty cheap, have multiple settings, auto cooldown, and I have 5 total, 3 that have lasted over 3 years.

torch it! :fire:

…great way to make sure you got all the solvent off too :rofl:

(microwave works)

For crude, we use a microwave, and a heat gun. We input the weight and turn down the power in the settings and run the timing depending on the jar size. For distillate we use those food catering water heater trays for water only.