What's next for cartridges?

What new things will be needed in the market?
On the development history of CBD cartridges

And what should we do to upgrade the devices?

We are considering using new materials and adding anti-counterfeiting technology for cartridges.

I’ve always wondered if adding metallic strips between the glass to be used for heat transference through the cart will give enough time for extremely thick shatters to bubble up and repopulate the heating element.

I dunno. There’s only 1 cart I bother using now and theyre cart farms.

Almost all the batteries on the market now have a pre-heating function, which can solve this problem.As for the carts, or should take the safety health reliable as the first priority.

Pre heating function is OK. On some carts it really mucks up the flavor imo

If only the cartridge is considered, then the ceramic core is the most likely problem.

Different resistances of heating wires and different oil absorption rates of ceramics will lead to different taste.