What's in my claim?

Greetings canna-fam. First off I’d like to say, this community is freaking amazing. Things I’ve learned here have carried over outside of the cannabis community and just want to thank everyone for all the awesome contributions…apologies on starting a thread for a random stoned question, but I’ve I’ve been curious for a while now.

If I primarily consume terpless diamonds what exactly would be in the reclaim? I guess d9 and cbn mostly. But at what ratio. This was all collected from glass on the vapor path (no chance of spilling over from the quartz banger). None of the vapor passed through water & dabbed around 240-280C
I guess a question to piggyback off that is what factors contribute to the conversion of d9 to CBN? I know time/heat/UV light can play a role, what do you have to do molecularly to d9 to convert it to CBN? Much appreciation in advance


If you’re that curious why not spend the money and get it tested? Not trying to be an asshole but that would get the info you’re asking.


THC likes to polymerize. More than likely you are getting cannabinoid polymers that were created inside the water/res/banger

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Have always wanted to do this with my reclaim.

Just curious as to what noids and other stuff is in it

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Can you post a pic of the collection device? How big is your rig? How many percolators? Any other attachments? How was this harvested?

I use one of these on my 18" rig. I emptied mine last night, I only dab shatter that I make. I wish I had a heat gun but I got away with quick swiping it with my torch and having it held upside down using my old distillation stand over parchment. Ended up with a total of 3 grams.

I’ve also cleaned out my recycler a lot which is like 8" and whenever I take a dab no matter how careful I am there’s always a build up right away in the recycler so I think nmw there’s some kind of fractioning going on where the better claim so to speak is inside the dry catcher and the bs claim is the wet claim inside the rig.

Question I have is : Is any one willing to find out if there’s fractioning going on between what’s in the dry catcher and what’s in the wet claim that’s in the rig it’s self.

And that’s a lot bigger of a catcher than you’d think it’s basically a bump trap for a rig in size. it’s not small like a “bulb” it’s big like a 250ml flask big.

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