What's everyone's favorite empty carts out there?

Title pretty much says it all. I’m looking to start filling some live resin carts, thinking 1ml (unless there’s a convincing reason to go .5ml) and was wondering if anybody has a brand/model they really enjoy

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Okay gcell’s seem to be the answer to this question lol wish I could spoon myself to sleep too


You can get the same quartz coil in standard ccell style with snap top capping using the celoh QSnap

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I’ve really been enjoying the Ascera XT-75, works well with pretty much anything I’ve tried so far.

I can’t find anything on the celoh Qsnap, tho I do prefer the all glass construction of the gcell/QDB

@munkdooligan Curious, how many carts have you gone through? Failure rates?

Only 10k so far but about to do another 50k with screen printing. Surprisingly no returns due to failure yet. Probably not actually 0, but close enough to it that it’s not a problem. They’re kind of expensive, but they check all the boxes for us.

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What battery do you pair with it? I like their batteries but they are too expensive.

I’m not sure, just a normal 510 variable voltage battery. I have samples of theirs and didn’t really notice a difference. I’m having a hard time making a decision on the battery side of things.

Seems to me below 3v is better for live and cured resin at standard resistance. Better flavor, oil lasts a bit longer, and less issues with burning/plugging.

The sweet spot seems to be 4-5 watts, regardless of voltage and resistance.


I’ve been unable to source the batteries so far. It def makes a big difference for live resins. The Voltair battery is perfect just expensive

350 mAh
1.8 v

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Eboattimes full glass cart : lead free, 0.5ml / 1.0ml/ 2.0ml ,anti-broken high borosilicate glass, work great with high consistency distillate, samples order available. Would you like to try it?

My whatsapp: +86 15766605537

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Hey Suzie, I wasn’t referring to your company in that image. you weren’t the first company, QBD was

ya’ll have a favorite disposable battery to run with these gcell’s?

We would love to set you up with samples

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For the full ceramic cartridge, Boshang FC20 is the most popular one.

Ecap CL6 and CL8, full-ceramic and cotton-free.

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RELEAFY CCERA PRO, 316 Stainless Steel Vape Cartridge

Free samples are available. Welcome to contact us at info@releafy.com