What's best vaporizers in 2023?


I don’t know.


When the substance is a metal, the higher the temperature, the higher the resistance.

When the substance is a non-metallic substance (some semiconductors), the higher the temperature, the lower the resistance.

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more coils = lower resistance
what kind of sorcery is this ?
or are you just clueless about ohm’s law ?

OK, No problem

Okay, thanks for the warning, Appreciate it very much.

then you tell me

I’ll try !
with dual coils running at the same time, the current has 2 paths to flow through which lowers your resistance.
I’m not trying to be an ass but just to understand, 2 coils will run hotter but also produce more vapor but also drain your battery quicker

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But it can fully present the terpene flavors in a rich and pure way. And vaporize good amount of vapor with mild texture and decent potency, pleasing high!

Can you legally possess D9 in China

No you cannot.

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Tell that to Ms. Wu

Unless they’re in America

Send me a sample, I’ll let you know.

Can’t, illegal

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Yes, just empty vape devices without oil

We have team in U.S :grinning: