What would cause a mantle to heat past set temp and burn? Terry from lanphan


I have a Chinese mantle. It burned out on the first use. It said the set temp and probe temp were at 25-30 c and the mantle was smoking, and beeped before I quickly turned it off. It is now charred inside the mantle and the lab smells of burned electrical smell.
This is a new mantle. Any input?


“Chinese mantle”

But to be rigorous, was it hooked up correctly? Have you used a mantle before? It’s pretty likely it was bad but more background is useful.


I have a 2l setup I have been on for about 2 years now. It was most definitely hooked up correctly. Ya I know Chinese mantle… But all of my mantles have been Chinese with no issue. It’s from a vendor I thought was reputable and had good things. Not gonna say who until he responds to my email.


This was the first use. Went up 5c at a time and it smoked


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Yeah some Chinese gear is fine, but if you didn’t do something really really strange (plug it into your grow lights ballast or something ha ha ha) it probably is a bad unit. Since buying three Chinese units is still cheaper than some American/European manufacturers, we deal with this stuff. Luckily your manufacturer will likely try to fix the problem for you.

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Wait that doesn’t look bad

Is it just shit on your mantle burning off?

Try taking he flask out and, perhaps outside, but at least with good air and away from flammable stuff, try heating it up a little and burning it clean.

Use it’s own heating feature to heat it btw

The beeping may indicate an issue but the odor and smoke may just be something that is there from manufacturing/shipping. Be careful of course

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Well it was set to 30c. Read it was @ 25c. And was smoking bad. I hit it with the thermometer and it was at 250f


Ya just had it plugged in. Nothing out of the ordinary.


Did you burn the mantle in first?

Where was the probe?

If the probe wasnt getting hot, then the mantle would try and keep heating till it did.


Would I be able to hook it up to an extension cord to test it out doors! No outlets available outside for me to use…


The probe was in the BF in the material. Yes it was burned in. This was the first real use.

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:frowning_face: suggests @Lewis_Bronsted is on point. QC issue.

I’d guess it was lack of connectivity between probe and whatever passes for a logic board in that thing.

I’d dissect it, but I’ve been observed dissecting perfectly fuctional machinery, so ymmv.

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Talk to your supplier. Mention how scary it is and how bad regulators view this sort of thing, or something. I don’t think you did anything wrong or could have prevented this.


Ya I sent an email. Awaiting response. Well this is lame…


He’s saying it’s normal and to use the the adapter that plugs in that reads the sleeve temp instead of the temp in the flask. Idk what to tell him. He wants me to do it again and send a video. Any suggestions on how. Water in BF and run it?


Yes, add water.
That will stop it going over 100C.
I should have asked if had an internal probe… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You should be able to demonstrate broken if you can boil water with temp set to 30C

Especially if only on external probe

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So this whole thing has been a huge headache. He is trying to help me but is not accepting the fact that this mantle is just malfunctioning. It keeps overshooting and alarms keep going off. He has me change settings. Same shit. This isnt my first mantle so it’s frustrating to know this is broken when they won’t believe me. This thing is gonna catch fire and they just want me to keep changing P.I.D settings. I have sent them videos of everything he requested and I’m just going in circles now. It’s been multiple days.
I paid with PayPal so I guess that’s my next step.


By the way this was all through Terry from lanphan. I don’t recommend their mantles. If this experience says anything about their other products…


I got my mantle fried exactly same way i bought from them .