What % Terpenes should HTE(high terpene extract) be

I just recently acquired HTE from a well known facility in California. After getting the HTE I 3rd party tested it only came up at 4.41% terpenes.
Anyone know why that is? I believe flower is 1-6% terpenes.

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How did it test on cannabinoids?

I’ll dig around in our COAs and get back to you on where ours are

No, that is not an “high terpene extract”.

edit: not finding that data. possibly because we haven’t generated it externally. more likely because our sample naming conventions need work.

depends where you get it tested. I sent some Hte carts into encore and they came back the same as our disty and botanicals. Same HTE at caligreen is 4-15% terps and if we use belcosta its typically 15-25% terps. I still have no faith in the testing labs.


Totally this. It all depends on where you get it tested. I’d test it at the same lab that the vendor tested it at so you at least have something to fall back on if it in fact does test differently than what they sold you on.

Same. I’ve seen it anywhere from 5%-20%

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Seems awfully low for a “High-Terpene’Extract”

Our HTE floats between 14%-17% Total Terpenes.


Seems pretty low should by at least 8%.

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There are a ton of labs that only test for 20-30 terpenes… if you use one of these labs your results could be skewed. If they do not have a standard then it will not show up on the results and will instead be an “impurity”.


Greenleaf? I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the sky was blue


What if you paid them extra to always tell you that?


We analyse 54…

But were in Eu… :frowning:

Edit: " testing is for the end consumer " :slight_smile:

Is anyone concerned with the potential of lung tissue damage over time by having terpenes in those high of %'s?

You huffing straight HTE?


We’re talking about vaping right? When terpenes are combusted they can be more volatile and having terpene %'s several multiples over what naturally occurs in the plant is definitely something to not gloss over.

Sure, it adds effect/flavor, but for long term/regular use I’m not sure we know what yet a safe % is.

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No, but if someone gets it I’ll gladly admit it.

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The HTE is intended to be used in vaping devices at low amounts.

@AtoZLabs i can tell you from personal experience you do not want to exceed 8% terpenes and even that is high. 4% is actually the preferably amount for a nice clean hit. The closer you get to 8% and beyond the more harsh eat draw is. Seriously burns the throat if you have too many terps in the mix.

…In the final formulation. Right?

@AtoZLabs are asking about the HTE they purchased to formulate WITH.

ie they are planning to add it to distillate or decarbed thca isolate.

No amount of this added to THC is going to exceed 4.4% terpenes until you change the definition of “terpene” (currently defined by the standards that 3rd party lab used).

not saying you’re wrong. Just that you’re answering a different question than was asked…

This forum is full of people profiting off of the sale of terpenes. I would not expect to many people people to support your argument despite the obvious.

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No argument here, just asking the question I thought may have been missing from the convo. People will do what they will do, but hopefully if they weren’t aware/conscious of the possibility, they may at least consider it now.

Obviously when people have a financial stake in something, they will often tend to justify what they are doing. Not much can be done about cognitive dissonance, but it’s still good to try and have these discussions.

No need for support, just interested in talking with people that have similar interests.