What temperature does normally great shatter start to become pliable

I am kind of new to making shatter I’m using cryo ethanol over the winter months everything was coming out pristine shattering no problem now that it is getting warmer out about 80f outside I am having trouble maintaining that shatter stability it’s become very pliable slightly tacky I was just wondering what the norm is. Is this a normal thing that happens or is my method being affected differently with the changing climate

It might be your technique, it might be the temp. Hard to tell without a ton more detail…

I’ve had EHOs that really didn’t shatter at 5C, and certainly none that were not pliable before body temp.

Not an answer, but an exploration of the process… THCA/CBD glass-state science in Shatter (need chemist's help)

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Either a your ethanol needs to be replaced or B residents temps outside are killing or temps. Dont they add dry ice directly to the ethanol these days to cool it for bucket tek

Get IR temp reader

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Adding dry ice directly to the ethanol creates carbonic acid, and I’m not sure if that helps for better oil. But again I don’t make EHO, so I’m not 100% sure.

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Yeah I don’t make EHO either so dont listen to me at all.

These days it’s @Demontrich for the win

All my research suggests carbonic acid sucks.

It’s the reason you’re supposed to de-water your plant material before CO2 extraction, as CO2 and water at very high pressures form carbonic acid which “makes the oil rancid” (Rosenthal, 2018 - Beyond Buds)

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Isn’t thca a carbonic acid? I’m no chemist just asking

No, THCA is a terpenophenolic acid - C22H30O4

Carbonic acid is its own thing - H2CO3

This question confuses me. Is it that your shatter is coming out differently, or is it the same as before and now the hot temperatures outside are just making it melt?

yes :wink:

it’s also a carboxylic acid.


Yes it is the same it looks the same light gold to sometimes clear depending on how hard I crc it I use the lostbiologist bucket tek the only thing different is the hotter weather is making it meltier

I was just wondering if that was a common thing or is my method messed up when it 50-60degree farenheight it was glass shatter now that it’s 80 it gets melty and a little bit sticky

Back in my day you would get laughed at if you sold stuff that was supposed to be shatter but when you pull in out of the fridge it melts. Personally I like terps. Shatter is lame


Maybe but in my experience when it starts to get really freaking hot (80, 90, 100) most shatter softens. I only ever had one shatter that stayed hard like a rock no matter how much i held it in my hands or was hot out. And it wasn’t even high potency so I wouldn’t say it was a testimony of quality either.

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I’ve added plenty of DI directly into my etoh and biomass. I’ve never had any isomeration. my etoh is 3.5ph.

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What is DI?

Dry ice

Oh I do that too