what temperature do terpenes cook off?


i use mag stirrer/hot plate for mixing distillate and terps for cartridges. i have been using 90 celsius, but was just told the terps cook off at 75 celsius… now im wondering if im cooking off some of the terps im adding


Has it also been darkening your disty with the terps? I try not to break 65c. I have one terp that will get much darker if you get it too hot towards the end of the batch on the mag stir plate


I do a hot plate temp of 40c and never have terp oxidation problems. I have a hot plate with a probe, I put the probe touch the hot plate so it doesnt over shoot, this has helped me alot


What do you use for a probe?


i think i noticed that it is getting darker.


no probe, just hot plate temp setting.


My guy was told to crank up the heat plate and that happened to the bottom of the jar


My bad @hispeed67 I was replying to @Kingofthekush420 , curious as to what he’s using for a probe as my hotplate stirrer doesn’t tell temp!


If you have your disty at 90, then add your terpenes at that temp, yes some will start to evaporate and convert. There are over 100 known terpenes and flavonoids present in cannabis each of witch have a range of boiling points.
The amount of time the terps are exposed to this high temp will play a factor also. It shouldn’t take too long on a mag stirrer to reach full infusion so work quickly.
Generally if your cooking off terps, the smell is the giveaway.
I’ve decarbed BHO at 90c for 2 hours on a mag stirrer and still retained a good terp profile, only slightly less pungent.
Best of luck


yea, especially if he didn’t have a mag stirrer…


i’ve decarbed at 110 for 20 minutes, doesn’t take long for that bond to break. that was after defatting, when i was purging the solvent.


I’m implying it was a heated mag stir plate. That’s just a lot to write.


first terpene to boil off is at 119 centrigrade. β-caryophyllene. http://vaporizertemp.com/components-cannabis-terpene-boiling-points-effects/


I wonder what those number are under vacuum? I’ve never taken my oven over 118f. My oil in my vacuum pump reeks of terpenes.


That’s not right, it’s all over the net, but a bicyclic sesquiterpene isn’t going to be the lowest boiling when there are monoterpenes. In fact, carophyllene (oxide) is one of the last things left in stale weed, and used to be used to train hashish detection dogs thus. It boiling point may be 262–264 °C (504–507 °F; 535–537 K), I found that it elsewhere on the internet, so it may be wrong


Agreed, in my research Guiaol seemed to have one of the lowest if not the lowest bp’s out of all the terpenes.


Trans caryophyllene boils off at 120~ f. And terpenes evaporate along with having a boiling point. They will eventually “dry” out.


264 to 266° F at 14 mm Hg (NTP, 1992)

Pubchem lists this as the bp . Have you actually distilled caryophylene at 120 F?

National Center for Biotechnology Information. PubChem Compound Database; CID=5281515, https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/5281515 (accessed Feb. 5, 2019).

It’s mass is so high I just have trouble believing underground sources when logic and scientific resources are in conflict. I totally believe you if you have isolated it as a known pure compound by distillation at that temperature, but what sesquiterpenoid boils so low? A hydrocarbon with a MW pf 204 and elemental analysis of C15H24 is going to boil In the range of something like pinene MW 134 C10H16?

Edited typo and grammer


I was totally looking at centigrade not Fahrenheit. My bad, I got that mixed up.


messes with my head when ppl. do that… :wink: