What’s your favorite Grinder for PreRoll Material

I’ve tried the basic futurola, the sensi shredder and even those giant ass manual Santa Cruz ones. Our volume is increasing and I literally have two Full Time people just grinding and picking stems all day, everyday. There HAS to be a better way! We don’t want pulverized material, but I finer grade is great. What’s the best out there? Especially for the stem removal part?!

You may find something over in: Biomass Grinding at various scales?

You may also find that coming up with automagic destemming is actually the trick you need to solve….


See also:

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Thanks for the link! What do you mean by automatic destemming? :thinking:

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That is left as an exercise for the reader…hint “you suck”


we really like the flow grinder by kims industrys… its essentially a heated shredder. you still have to hand run the flower through a sieve for basic stem removal and grind size consistancy, but weve found it gives the best grind for prerolls and eliminates kief loss and is nearly dust free.

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Did you end up trying something else? I need to upgrade from the futurola shredder, it works with certain flower but not every stain comes out with consistent sized material.

For pre-roll material, I’d strongly recommend the Futurola Super Mini, Super, or Super Mega “whip” as these models all come with sifting barrels to remove the majority of your stems.

Which Futurola shredder are you running?

I want to buy a santa cruz mega shredder, but can’t find one anywhere.

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They were great, but slow and pysical… Plus you’ll still need to sift the material afterwards…

I just have an og shredder that don’t have the screen. I think the version you have would be better.
I’m almost thinking of trying a sensi shredder, i can get like new used one for a decent price.

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We use an OG without a screen for dry bio mass (extraction).

The Sensi Shredder does look nice and I do like the consistency of the material afterwards, but I don’t have any experience with it.

My concern when I look at it… it looks like it might jam up like crazy and would need to be cleaned often, but it would also depend on the amount of flower you’re shredding too

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We are for sure on the smaller scale with our pre rolls, so the sensi might get the job done. The worst about the futurola shredder is the inconsistencies.

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The screen basket makes all the difference

Apparently you can order them on a waitlist by emailing santa cruz shredders