What’s the valeu per kg of 99% pure crysteline Psylocibine

So have an option of producing
Enzyme synthesized Psylocibine in numbers but does it make sense ?
I asume it cannot be imported in the USA
It s illegal on this side of the pond
So I would have to move operations
And then would this make sense
Would enzymatic retrieved psylocibine
Be legal in the states like Colorado


Here in CO, it was called the “Natural Medicine Health Act”, as it excludes synthetic. It also specifically states it is still a felony to “Extract natural medicine with inherently dangerous chemicals” (which I guess is defined as <100f flash point).

I don’t have any price numbers because I think the highest potency stuff I’ve heard around is like ~8% psilocybin sugar slabs.


I’ve cajoled these naturally occurring yeast, into making the naturally occurring molecule psilocybin, using naturally occurring enzymes….

Which as it happens is water soluble….although you’re right, dihydrogen monoxide has killed all kinds of horses.


Pure dihydrogen monoxide has a pH of 7. This is higher than any acids known to men. :grimacing:


I’m pretty sure they added that just to keep specifically DMT extraction illegal, but failed to realize that there are still plenty of other solvent choices out there despite the vague language.

the law is very vague, but state licensing is coming that will allow for fully equipped extraction labs to operate much like cannabis. make sure you dont miss out on the early application period!

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I do have a cubensis product idea I’m trying to put together but it’s probably going to remain a pet project unless I really get my shit together.


Bump whaat no interest or no pricing available ?

I’ve only seen/handled what I would call “crumble”, a crude extract that was homogenized and purged in a vacuum oven. Beige, coarse powder with a distinctly shroomy “umami” flavor. Potency roughly equivalent to 10x biomass, which is still only probably in the 8-12% range.

Hard to know what the price would be for something so pure. It would be extremely efficient for production of micro-dose products, but does pure psilocybin give the same effect as psilocybin + psilocin + other alkaloids? Like comparing the difference between flower and THCA isolate. You’d probably be able to generate some demand if you could produce samples for folks to try, but there will always be some hesitation to purchase synthetics when it comes the “all natural earth medicine” crowd.

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Purely speculative…
$80k/kilo for synthetic
$120k+/kilo for naturally derived


I think 4-aco-dmt retailed around 80/g in smaller quantities, I’d wager lower

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Generally, research volunteers have been given synthetic.

Also, when Albert Hoffmann visited Maria Sabina, he brought synthetic psilocybin pills, and after a ceremony, she said the pills “really contained the spirit of the mushrooms”.

I have pet theories about minor alkaloids and MAOIs but I really don’t want to call that an entourage effect


What would you call yeast promoted of natural biomass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Shit the agar and all other compounds are natural

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Thank you
What’s the price for such crumble ?

Oregon or colorado would be your best options.
4 aco is going for 50k per kg right now.


If you can find it at all. I’ve seen as high as 75-85k